Big Savings Are Back; Are Your Customers Getting Them?

By Andrew Graft | Updated on Jul 27, 2010 3:56:01 AM

On an earlier post to this blog, Brandon Carter asks “Do Your Customers Know How Much They Love You?” Whether they do or not, a recent report by MediaPost News makes one point clear.

Your customers LOOOOOVE saving money.

According to the article (Deloitte Study: Consumers Love Spending Less), “81% of those surveyed say they find saving money, using such techniques as coupons or loyalty programs, fun.”

I know what you’re thinking. Big revelation. Who doesn’t like saving money? Well…WE don’t. Or at least we didn’t used to.

Back when money flowed like water and consumers partied nostalgically like it was 1999, shopping for bargains (ewww) was viewed as the domain of the unfortunate and the unwashed. Instead, million-dollar mortgages and gas-guzzling Hummers were the flavors of the day – and everyone raided the buffet.

But now, value is back in vogue. And everywhere you look reports are confirming the momentum of this trend. (“Coupon Comeback,” The Nielsen Wire; “Marketers put new American shopper under microscope,” Marketing Matters; “Frugality among consumers is outliving recession,” Associated Press) Many organizations are seeing this paradigm shift and scrambling, both to protect their own price integrity and to capitalize on this new wave of cautious consumerism.

If you or an organization you know are in such a predicament, give us at Access a jingle. Our direct relationships with over 250,000 restaurants, retailers, hotels, theme parks, service providers and resort destinations – built over two and a half decades – gives organizations the opportunity to offer the kind of attention-grabbing value their audience is looking for.

Now more than ever.

-Andrew Graft

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Written by: Andrew Graft

VP of Corporate Marketing for Access Development. Professional marketer. Amateur guitarist. HR husband. Weapons-grade consumer of diet Coke.

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