Brands We Love: Riverbanks Zoo & Garden

By Ashley Autry | Updated on Jul 9, 2012 12:37:00 AM

riverbanks-zoo-ticketsBig national brands definitely have a place on the Access discount programs, but what sets Access apart for many is our massive amount of local deals. Places like community zoos, who tend to be very selective about the deals they offer and who they work with. In this Brands We Love post, Ashley Butler goes a little wild for her favorite zoo.

Growing up in South Carolina, the Riverbanks Zoo & Garden was a name I heard weekly on the radio or among the buzz of my friends. Most of the local schools would plan a field trip to the zoo at some point during a child’s school career, so as you may have already guessed, I have been a visitor of the Riverbanks Zoo myself.

This Zoo has over 2,000 animal inhabitants, including animals from around the world. There are many exhibits to satisfy some good old curiosity with the African Plains, Aquarium Reptile Complex, Australian Animals, Birdhouse at Riverbanks, Large Mammals, Lemur Island, Ndoki Forest, Riverbanks Conservation Outpost, and Riverbanks Farm.

Of course everyone expects to see animals when they go to the Zoo, but not all Zoos have popular events like Brew at the Zoo, Riverbanks ZOOfari, Wine Tasting at Riverbanks Botanical Garden, Boo at the Zoo, lights Before Christmas, and more.

As if all those animals and activities aren’t enough, you absolutely can’t miss the Riverbanks Zoo Botanical Garden! With a Bog Garden, Dry Garden, Old Rose Garden, Shade Garden, and Walled Garden—it’s no wonder the River Banks Zoo Botanical Garden has been praised by Horticulture magazine as one of the ten gardens that inspire and by HGTV as one of twenty great public gardens across America.

The Riverbanks Zoo is truly a brand I have grown up with and love, plus Access loves it too! For all you animal and nature lovers, you’ll be itching to use the exclusive Access Riverbanks Zoo discount of 28% off your admission. It’s ZOOtastic!

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Written by: Ashley Autry

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