50 Ways Companies Use Access (1-10)

By Brandon Carter | Updated on Aug 6, 2012 9:08:00 AM

As a company that often serves as the "silent partner" for our clients, Access is somewhat of a mystery to people we don't work with. It'd be so much easier to be able to say "We make computers," or even, "We only do discount programs for employers." But as we say, Access is more than simply the nation's largest discount program. Access serves a number of roles, all designed to help our clients maximize their customer relationships through acquisition, retention and upselling.

To give our readers an idea of just how many different roles Access serves, we just started writing them down in random order. We settled on 50, and even left some out. Since 50 is a lot to digest in one blog post, we're breaking them up into several parts.

    1. Value enhancement - One of the best uses of our services is to help communicate the overall value of a purchase or membership. One particular organization we work with has built a custom savings report based on prospects' zip codes into their product pitch, so they can show a tangible, local value. With 300,000 local and national deals, Access can help anyone in the country save significant money, regardless of whether they're in the middle of a big city or out in the country. This helps communicate the overall value of the membership being sold as well as a chance to offset the cost of the program.
    2. "Show Your Phone" coupons - Since debuting last year, the Access mobile coupon network has grown to over 100,000 local and national offers, which are currently served up to millions of users through our client groups. Our clients use this service to build mobile engagement with members, as well as give their customers a benefit that's truly exclusive.
    3. Merchant content acquisition - Need deals? We partner with companies who are looking to add a compelling offer or two to their monthly statement, as well as those looking to build out their own custom rewards programs. Our partnership marketing team is the best in the business, and they acquire so many merchant partners largely based on their ability to get "behind the counter."
    4. Credit card rewards - Did you know Access has a network of card-based merchant funded rewards merchants? When your cardholder pays for their qualifying transaction at a participating merchant, a reward is deposited directly back into the cardholder's account. It can be cash, points, miles or any other loyalty currency you prefer. (Our instant savings network is also a popular cardholder benefit.) Check out how one of our more popular programs works in this case study by Bill Hanifin.
    5. MobileCoupon-phone-imageUpsell for electronic retailers - Access provides a reliable, easy-to-sell source of monthly incremental revenue for electronic retailers through our custom and turnkey membership clubs. These clubs make for a great upsell, cross-sell or second-sell, and they make for a great way to build an ongoing relationship with what would normally be a one-time customer.
    6. Employee discount programs - Access discount programs have a low cost to the employer and a clear, tangible value to the employee. It's one of the most common and popular uses of our services.
    7. Standalone loyalty programs - Several companies rely on Access discounts as their primary source of member benefits. Nothing wrong with that.
    8. Member engagement emails - Email is an incredibly effective tool for driving member usage of Access benefits, which has proven to increase engagement and loyalty among members. Access builds, tests and executes dozens of email campaigns each year on our clients' behalf, with measurably consistent positive results.
    9. Membership fulfillment materials - Many organizations rely on Access to assist with fulfillment materials, such as cards, portfolios, catalogs, brochures, welcome letters, and more. Our materials are printed and electronic, and are available in custom and turnkey options.
    10. Loyalty card design and printing - Among our membership fulfillment materials, our most popular option is our custom membership cards. We design the cards to fit client specifications, then print them in-house. It's like a billboard for your brand in your members' wallets.

Keep an eye out as we will continue to update this list, all the way to 50 (and possibly beyond...).

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Written by: Brandon Carter

Brandon is a writer and marketer for Access Development. He's a frequent blogger on customer and employee engagement & loyalty, consumer trends, and branding.

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