50 Ways Companies Use Access (11-20)

By Brandon Carter | Updated on Sep 26, 2012 3:29:00 AM

In an effort to share more about our company and all that we offer, we're listing 50 unique ways our clients utilize our services. Some are obvious, and some may surprise you. 1-10 were listed previously, and now we present numbers 11 through 20.

11. Customer service fulfillment - When customers have a great experience with our programs, it pays off directly for our clients. That's why we back up all of our programs with a full contact center, where members can call, email, or web chat us about their questions and concerns. For some of our clients, we happily serve as their primary point of customer service.

man at computer12. Customer acquisition (for merchants) - Part of how we've assembled over 300,000 merchants is our commitment to helping them connect with new customers. Through our various marketing channels, we do everything in our power to steer our members to our merchants, whether they be national brands or mom-and-pop's down the road.

13. Facebook and social media marketing - few people are aware of Friend2Customer, our Facebook marketing service. Click here to learn more, or watch this quick video:


14. Cardless loyalty programs - While many of our clients enjoy having the "billboard" in their members' wallets, others want an online-based program. Our emphasis on branding for clients and online-based marketing ensure that the lack of a card has little effect on the overall success of a program.

15. Marketing support - Studies have shown that when members use our discount programs, they become more engaged with the client providing them. That's why we offer marketing support to all our clients and merchants, including emails, printed materials, statement stuffers, even social media.

16. Exit programs - Access works very closely with the resort and timeshare industry to help them engage and retain owners. Our programs are a popular exit program option that help to offset marketing costs and keep potential buyers in the fold.

17. Experiential deals - Sometimes a coupon isn't enough for a client, and they want something truly unique for their customers. Access partnership marketing has partnered with merchants across America for experiential deals - a complimentary amuse-bouche from a five star chef or a private, after-hours fashion tour at a high end boutique, for instance.

18. Member benefits website - Our turnkey and custom websites are designed to communicate value through the client's brand, but with the user experience in mind. Here's another video about our new member web portals:



19. Alumni discount programs - Access works with schools across the country to engage their alumni, keeping them in the alma mater's loving arms (and the donation checks coming through.)

20. Call center upsells - Call centers across the country enjoy incremental, recurring revenue with their own membership clubs provided by Access. Our discount programs work great as a standalone benefit or in a larger overall package.

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Written by: Brandon Carter

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