The Customer Engagement Recap - January 17

By Brandon Carter | Updated on Jan 16, 2014 11:18:00 PM

Recap - January 17

Finish off your week with the most important news (and news you may have missed) from the customer engagement and loyalty marketing world.

In this week's customer engagement recap:

  • Mobile Apps Help Lure Customers, Spur Loyalty
  • Embedded Loyalty Needed to Spur Mobile Payment Adoption
  • Smarter Couponing: Why Coupons Are Here to Stay
  • When is a Loyalty Program Member More Trouble than He’s Worth?
  • Email Mostly Mobile
  • InMarket Launches iBeacons In U.S. Grocery Stores
  • 3 Loyalty Trends for 2014
  • Deals, Mobile Drive 2013 Holiday Shopping
  • How One Woman Saved Enough To Quit Her Job And Move To Paris


  • Mobile Apps Help Lure Customers, Spur Loyalty - eMarketer

role of branded mobile appseMarketer summarizes recent research from Forbes Insights and Adobe that shows something we've been talking about quite a bit recently: while consumers find branded mobile apps useful for research and purchasing, executives recognize them as important for ongoing regular engagement post-purchase.


  • Embedded Loyalty Needed to Spur Mobile Payment Adoption - PaymentsSource

As we've emphasized before, mobile wallet technology is cool, but cool isn't enough to change deeply embedded consumer habits. According to this article, which emphasizes the addition of loyalty components, "most consumers will choose the (mobile wallet) that provides the greatest value. In order to encourage wider adoption and ensure high usage, mobile payment players will have to provide a value add, which could come in many forms, including monetary savings, improved security, ease of use or increased loyalty."


Coupons have come under a bit of criticism lately due to some scurrilous practices, but that doesn't mean coupons aren't a viable business tool. Access' Dave Bona offers the first of three articles on how smart couponing can be a major boon to any business.


Certain members of loyalty programs can become abusive of generous customer reimbursement policies or 100% satisfaction guarantees. It doesn't mean you should give them the boot, however, according to this post.


51% of all email opens worldwide happened on a mobile device in December 2013, compared to 27% on desktop clients and 22% through webmail. Christmas Day saw 62% of all opens on a mobile device - let's all just admit that - while we love watching the kids play with their new toys and video games, and listening to Uncle Ralph tell that one story over and over again - the sweet siren song of the smartphone is just too much to resist.


  • InMarket Launches iBeacons In U.S. Grocery Stores -

In geocommerce news, says mobile-shopper network platform inMarketis launching Apple’s iBeacon location-based push notification technology in several grocery stores this month. Imagine walking through the store and getting a real-time coupon for the item you were just thinking about. That's the basic concept (and Access mobile coupons are coded to work within this technology.)


Chrissy Hand from SparkBase spells out her top three tends for loyalty programs in 2013: location-based loyalty (see previous iBeacon story), seamless systems integration, and smart surprise and delight (check out some of our thoughts on surprise and delight)


ReturnPath notes some other useful stats about smartphone usage. ReturnPath notes some other useful stats about smartphone usage.


The modern consumer's taste for deals won during the 2013 holiday shopping season, as retailers obliged with deep discounts and coupons. Also, Cyber Monday continues to make big gains on Black Friday.


  • How One Woman Saved Enough To Quit Her Job And Move To Paris - Business Insider

People saving money is kind of a big deal to us, so we enjoyed this story about a former copywriter who saved enough to move to Paris on become an artist. Her secret weapon: oatmeal.

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Written by: Brandon Carter

Brandon is a writer and marketer for Access Development. He's a frequent blogger on customer and employee engagement & loyalty, consumer trends, and branding.

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