The Customer Engagement Recap – March 7

By Brandon Carter | Updated on Mar 7, 2014 2:17:00 AM

customerloyaltymarch07Before a weekend of taking selfies with friends, finish off your week with the most important news (and news you may have missed) from the customer engagement and loyalty marketing world.

In this week's customer engagement recap:

  • 2014 Mile Satisfaction Survey Results
  • Jamba Juice launches new loyalty scheme
  • Brand Keys 2014: Customer Expectations Grow
  • So Much For Loyalty -- $400 Billion Of Insurance Premiums Could Move This Year
  • Are Deals Appropriate for High-End Brands? Yes!

  • 2014 Mile Satisfaction Survey Results (

This report has some great detail on what members love and hate about particular miles programs. No one fairs terribly well - "more members said they trust their banks and cable companies to deliver on promises than their airline mile programs." Ouch.


Another week, another major brand launching a loyalty program. This one, powered by Spendgo, offers rewards and deals for members who simply input their phone numbers at a POS terminal.


Are brands becoming victims of their own success? Or, more likely, are a handful of best-in-class performers setting the bar too high for companies that may not even fall in that category? The 2014 Brand Keys Customer Loyalty Engagement Index says consumer expectations rose by 30% in 2013, their highest levels in two decades.


  • So Much For Loyalty -- $400 Billion Of Insurance Premiums Could Move This Year (Forbes)

Not content to let airlines be the only ones with "meh" customer loyalty, two-thirds of insurance policyholders said they would be open to buying policies from non-insurance companies, including 23% who would buy from Google and Amazon. Overall, as much as $400 billion could change hands as consumers play a giant game of musical chairs with their insurance companies.


Our Dave Bona responds to a common question: are coupons appropriate for highfalutin brands? He says yes, but they're very, very targeted with them (and they ain't always coupons).

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Written by: Brandon Carter

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