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Has Your Brand Been Forgotten? Time to Start Earning Engagement (INFOGRAPHIC)

Pop Quiz!

Without consulting Google or your address book, name the following:


engagement eBook

Your plumber


Your dentist.


The last membership organization you joined.


Your real estate agent.


The brand of cereal you ate this morning. Or the name of the farm your eggs came from, if you’re the lucky type that gets to have a nicer breakfast.


The family vet.


The manufacturer of the ink pen next to your hand. Or the manufacturer of the case around your smartphone on which you’re reading this.


Okay, quiz over. How did you do?

Just a guess, but you probably drew blanks on many of these. It’s okay; you’re just not engaged with these brands. [Read more...]

Reshaping Timeshare for a New Generation

ARDA World 14

Access will be at ARDA World 2014, April 6-10. Come see us at Booth 215!

Like a lot of industries, timeshares and vacation resorts are keen on positioning their products in front of Gen X and Millennials. And like every other industry, they’re finding these groups to be quite a bit different than the Boomers.

They’re online, they’re active in social media, addicted to their mobile phones, and they really know marketing. The slicker companies try to be, the quicker these folks will shy away (and possibly encourage their friends to run away too).

It doesn’t mean they can’t be sold. It just means the tactics have to change. In fact, if you do things right, they’ll come to you, and be totally open to your marketing.

It just has to be done on their terms. Try these five simple suggestions that can have a major impact on your organization and open the floodgates for success with a new generation:

[Read more...]

The Customer Engagement Recap – January 31

Recap-Jan31Finish off your super week with the most important news (and news you may have missed) from the customer engagement and loyalty marketing world. 

In this week’s customer engagement recap:

  • AP-GfK poll: Breaches not changing people’s habits
  • Dunkin’ Donuts Launches New National DD Perks Loyalty Program
  • Smarter Couponing: The 6 Factors of a Successful Coupon Campaign
  • Daimler Trucks North America Launches Customer Loyalty Program
  • The Future Is Not in the Cards: Will ‘Wearable Payments’ Replace Wallets?
  • Unused gift cards total $44B since 2008: study
  • How Will Banks Respond if Apple Becomes Mobile Payments Player
  • Starbucks: 10M Mobile Payments Users, Making 5M Payments a Week

[Read more...]

Coupon Statistics: The Ultimate Collection

What is believed to be the first coupon ever distributed, by Coca Cola in 1888.

What is believed to be the first coupon ever distributed, by Coca Cola in 1888.

For many, coupons have strange connotations. They’re something moms cut out, or they’re only used by poor folks or the elderly. In reality, the opposites of these are true – coupons are incredibly popular among affluent folks and millennials (not to mention every other demographic), and they don’t even have to be printed out anymore, so keep your scissors in the junk drawer.

As these statistics reveal, the coupon is still a driving force in commerce that connects people (and their wallets) to brands. People will never tire of saving money, and brands are always looking to bring in new customers. Mix in a decade-long struggling economy, and you have a savings-savvy mindset that isn’t going away anytime soon. [Read more...]