The Customer Engagement Recap - April 10, 2015

By Brandon Carter | Updated on Apr 10, 2015 8:30:00 AM



Finish off this week with the news (and news you may have missed) that's going to impact your customers in the coming weeks and months.

In this week's customer engagement recap:

  • Summer gas prices projected to be lowest in six years
  • Customer Experiences hampered by poor insights
  • Google Plots New YouTube Subscription Service as Soon as This Year
  • Keeping and Engaging Restaurant and Retail Employees: Six Ideas
  • Taco Bell to Offer Delivery — We're Not Kidding

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  • Summer gas prices projected to be lowest in six years (New York Post)


Gas prices had a big effect on Holiday shopping (or not) and it looks like they'll dip again for summer, the season in which people drive more than any other. As tempting as it may be to think of all the Scrooge McDuck-style baths you'll be taking in your gigantic money bank, odds are very good that consumers will simply pocket much of their savings. 


Big Data has big promise when (if ever) it turns into Big Delivery. For now, however...

Nearly two-thirds [of marketers] (62%) often feel overwhelmed by the volume of incoming data, and a staggering 85% are unable to extract the full value from the data sources they have access to. Just 3% of businesses claim they have a strong capability when it comes to using cross-channel or cross-device data for either real-time website or mobile app personalisation.


  • Google Plots New YouTube Subscription Service as Soon as This Year (Bloomberg

Everyone else (including HBO) is getting in on the independent media entertainment platform game, so why not YouTube (which does offer paid services such as movies on demand)? The bigger question is are the ads enough of a nuisance that the one billion daily consumers who log on to YouTube daily will be willing to pay to avoid them?


For years restaurants and retail operations have gotten by with the assumption that a revolving door staff would suffice. As customer loyalty is whittled down to just a few brands, we think it's important that these industries focus on engaging and retaining as much of their staff as possible. Customers will notice, believe us.  


  • Taco Bell to Offer Delivery — We're Not Kidding (Popsugar)

"Duuuude! Go answer the door, Bell's here!" As funny as this story sounds, we actually think it's a cool example of brands willing to stretch their boundaries in response to customer demand. On the surface it probably isn't a great investment to add a delivery option, but if consumers are willing to pay to have their chalupas brought to them - then why not go for it? Dude, listen to customers.



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Written by: Brandon Carter

Brandon is a writer and marketer for Access Development. He's a frequent blogger on customer and employee engagement & loyalty, consumer trends, and branding.

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