The Customer Engagement Recap - April 17, 2015

By Brandon Carter | Updated on Apr 17, 2015 9:00:00 AM



Finish off this week with the news (and news you may have missed) that's going to impact your customers in the coming weeks and months.


In this week's customer engagement recap:

  • Report estimates 50 billion devices will be connected to Web by 2020
  • The Airlines' Scores Are In, and They Aren't Pretty
  • Email Still Reigns as the King of Customer Engagement
  • One Company’s New Minimum Wage: $70,000 a Year
  • What Millennials Want (in the Workplace): The Comforts of Technology
  • Cheap Danish Design Comes To America

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  • Report estimates 50 billion devices will be connected to Web by 2020 (Chain Store Age)

Remember when the conversation used to be "Why your business needs a website?" In just a few years we've shot past that into an entirely different discussion about how the "Internet of Things" and wearables are impacting consumers in a physical, tangible manner - and how a business can become outdated in a matter of days.

We're not just interfacing with customers on laptops and iPhones - it's now their watches, their vehicles, even their refrigerators. (Or a button stuck to your washing machine. Thanks Amazon.)


  • The Airlines' Scores Are In, and They Aren't Pretty (Bloomberg)

Continuing an on going trend in customer disapproval, all but three US airlines are suffering from declining performance (which includes customer complaints, on-time flights, baggage lost, etc). As the article states, big mergers were supposed to wipe out many of the efficiencies that have plagued the industry, while boosting profits.

The profits are there, but the customer focus isn't as of yet. 

Low gas prices aren't pushing them to their cars, however. Many plan to just stay at home and pocket the extra dough


As cool as those internet-connected fridges and toasters may be, there's still one primary channel consumers prefer to commune with brands: good old email.

Let's face it, just about everyone interacts with email at some point every day, and we control whether the conversation continues or not. When something replicates that, then we can call email dead. 


In a country with one of the largest pay gaps between employees and executives, Dan Price of Gravity Payments just fired a major shot. Price is setting a minimum wage at $70,000, and paying for it out of his own salary.

It's no small feat - the company's average salary is $48,000, and some employees will have their wages doubled.

We've talked a ton about how nice business is now good business. Think business - and employee engagement - is about to pick up at Gravity? To say the least.

The impetus for the move? Research that people who earn less than $70k worry about extra money. Check it out here.


Speaking of corporate perks, most Millennials would be over the moon to make $70k, but for now they'd be content if they could just have cool technology to work with. That includes their smartphones, but also tablets and social media.

Ten years ago most workplaces banned social media access during working hours. Today, you want those Millennials on that social media wall. You need them on that wall


More than just another Scandinavian peddler of cheap wares, Tiger is a billion dollar global brand who sells most of their items for under $15. And they're opening a flagship location on Broadway in NYC. Shots fired.  


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Written by: Brandon Carter

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