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By Brandon Carter | Updated on Apr 8, 2016 3:30:00 PM


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In this week's April Fool's joke-free customer engagement recap:

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    • Alaska Airlines Changes Mileage Plan to Crush Loopholes for Frequent Flyers (Skift)

If you read the article and understand the significance of the loophole, it makes sense why Alaska Airlines would close it. Their primary mistake was this: if a loyalty program benefit is so good that it's unsustainable in the case of large scale interest and redemption, it probably shouldn't be there in the first place. It's worth stating again that your most loyal customers deserve transparency and open dialog, otherwise you risk revolt.

  • The 4 Destinations of Customer Loyalty: Where We’re All Going (Maritz)

We keep saying that there's no one true definition of customer loyalty, that people are drawn to businesses for a variety of reasons, and each business has its own avenues to draw people in. The Alaska Airlines issue above is a good example of something that created, in Maritz's words, Mercenary Loyalty.

Will those people bail now that a generous benefit is gone? Probably, but it likely won't hurt Alaska Airlines' bottom line too much because they have a high amount of True Loyalty and Cult Loyalty.

This article is a good outline of the different channels and motivations people have for being "loyal." 

Speaking of definitions, we felt it was important to address the varying shades of mobile engagement. It's not having an app, though that helps. It isn't just optimizing all of your properties for mobile, though that's close to essential. There are a number of ways any business can build mobile engagement because people use their phones in so many ways.

The bigger point is putting yourself in front of your ideal customer; in their channels, with a message they care to hear. Let your customers write the rule book for you. 

  • Twitter Beats Amazon, Verizon for Global NFL Streaming Deal (re/code)

Speaking of mobile engagement, this is a great example of how things are changing. This is the result of a bidding war for NFL broadcast rights between...Twitter Amazon, and Verizon? The battle for attention spans in the digital world is real, and the players are completely different than they were even five years ago. To the NFL, their new desired demographic is young folks, Mobile Gods they are, and now they've got a giant platform to spread their message. 

  • It’s official: California hiking minimum wage to $15; New York looks to follow (Chain Store Age)

As California and New York have now increased minimum wages, there are already other states purportedly considering doing the same. There's fiery debate on both sides of the issue, which we're not going to weigh in on. But from a customer engagement standpoint, it'll be interesting to see what more spending power in the hands of consumers. As it currently stands, many brands are stuck in a race to the bottom as far as pricing and discounts go, resulting in a heavy environment of Mercenary Loyalty (to borrow Maritz's term again). A certain segment of the population will always reach for the lowest price...right?

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