The School Awakens - The August 19 Customer Engagement Recap

By Brandon Carter | Updated on Aug 19, 2016 1:00:00 PM


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In this week's customer engagement recap:

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  • Wyndham Rewards named top loyalty program by U.S. News (USA Today)

Wyndham really has done a good job with Wyndham Rewards. They're smartly encouraging redemptions and adding tangential value (such as discounts on local attractions). We've talked at length about how Starbucks and other loyalty programs are gearing toward serving the highest tier of members, but Wyndham's is admittedly a move in the opposite direction. 

There's no right or wrong approach, and each will leave someone feeling unrecognized. As it is, both Starbucks and Wyndham are connecting directly with their most desired customers.

This is admittedly promotion of how Access serves our clients through member benefits, upsell, incentives, and so on. But we also hope it's a resource to anyone looking for ideas on engagement, retention and revenue, as well as how to properly measure the success of those efforts.
  • Back To School 2016 : Sales and Marketing Guide [Infographic] (The Shelf)

Did you know that back to school is the second biggest "holiday" in terms of spending? That's $828 billion spent in the US alone this year. The Shelf put together a really sharp infographic with a ton of stats like that one.

The big takeaway? Back to school isn't just tough on your 10-year old. Parents are hit hard with it too, and every brand that can help people siphon off some of that stress will see a boost in engagement.

  • The Impact of Loyalty Programs is Even Bigger than You Think (Social Annex)

It turns out there's a fierce debate about loyalty programs. Some people swear by them, others will claim they simply encourage holding patterns among customers looking for free and cheap stuff.

This article takes a big picture look that I think is commonly missed. Loyalty programs impact multiple levels of the funnel, from acquisition to engagement to retention to referrals. Overall, they increase spend while lowering cost of acquisition.

You may argue that this disqualifies these programs from using the "loyalty" term. Customers may agree. But in many ways that's tilting at strawmen. Looking at the overall total impact, it's hard to deny that these programs can really drive results when built correctly.

  • The Most Common Traits Among Companies with High Employee Engagement (Access Perks)

Since most of our employer-centric content moved over to the Access Perks blog, we don't talk nearly as much about the employees' role in customer engagement and loyalty. Engaged employees are sort of the baseline of engaged customers. If the people paid to give a hoot about your brand don't care, then customers never will. This article looks into the fundamental elements of employee engagement.

 2016 loyalty stats

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Written by: Brandon Carter

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