The Purchase Ain't All It's Cracked Up to Be - The June 3 Customer Engagement Recap

By Brandon Carter | Updated on Jun 3, 2016 12:00:00 PM


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In this week's customer engagement recap:

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Transactions may be the end goal, but getting from one to the next and the next one after that requires a different, deeper experience.

Anthony Madrigal's example of a friend who only dines with you when you offer to pick up the tab is a perfect example. We wouldn't be cool with that, yet it's exactly how many brands treat their customers.  

So much of loyalty is simply a matter of attention span. Many companies get the membership experience right, but they fail to take the next step with members - namely, continuing the relationship beyond transactions. The remedy is building engagement, or some sort of ongoing value dialog.

The great thing about member engagement is it doesn't have be complicated or expensive. You just have to give it a shot.

  • 3 ways to maximize customer interactions (Epsilon)

Epsilon's Dan DeZutter outlines an almost ominous interaction with a hotel seeking more information about his employer. Kudos to the hotel for recognizing that one of their members was in their presence, but they missed the mark on some far more significant opportunities. 

Onboarding plays a major role in customer loyalty, but it's also a significant factor in employee loyalty. Yet most companies spend their onboarding time reviewing manuals and policies and enrolling in employee benefits. This article makes the case for something far more significant - full indoctrination into the company's culture and people. 

  • Are Your Customers Emotionally Unavailable? (CX Journey)

Studies have shown that people are judging brands based on emotional factors rather than rational ones. But what the heck does that mean? Annette Franz breaks down many of the factors that go into emotional connection (and disconnect) between customers and brands. Namely, brands operate like brands, and they communicate in marketing. Customers, who are people, want relationships. Marketing and relationships are only tangentially related.

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