A $14 Million Engagement Gift - The Customer Engagement Recap - March 11

By Brandon Carter | Updated on Mar 11, 2016 2:30:00 PM


The news and trends affecting consumer engagement that caught our eye this week. 


In this week's customer engagement recap:

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    The past year has been turbulent for mobile carriers. Now Google is taking Project Fi public. Granted, it's still limited to certain devices, but it's interesting to see how the basic subscription model continues to be ripped away from the four big carriers. When Google and Apple decide to enter your air space, expect some turbulence.

    Like our other 2016 stats pages, this one is a bit sparse right now. It'll fill up, but look at some of these early stats:

    • Teams led by managers who focus on their weaknesses are 26% less likely to be engaged
    • 85% of new professionals/soon to be college graduates said employee treatment and welfare were what they look for in future employers
    • 41% of Americans didn't take a single vacation day in 2015

    We'll save you a click: no, at least according to the HR expert quoted in this article. There will be a boost from LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner's offer of $14 million in stock to employees. But real, long-term employee loyalty comes from opportunity, development and relationships. 

    In our estimation, the real value of this isn't $14 million distributed back to employees. It's a top leader showing selfless empathy toward employees at a time when LinkedIn isn't performing too well. That feeling will have a bigger impact than $1400 (or how much each LinkedIn employee received, assuming $14 million divided equally among the 10k workforce). 

    Join us next week for a free webinar breaking down a huge benchmarking survey in the alumni association world. Their struggles and strategies are highly relevant to anyone looking to capture engagement and build loyalty. If nothing else, you'll have some talking points ready the next time your alma mater hits you up for some donation dough.

    We talked last week about the importance of meeting emotional expectations to build loyalty. People who shop at Whole Foods hold particular values, and this is Whole Foods looking to mirror those values. While certainly a large short term expense, they may recoup it faster than expected if their ideal customers feel even better about spending their money there.

 2016 loyalty stats

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Written by: Brandon Carter

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