Our New Robot Overlords are Helpful - The October 21 Customer Engagement Recap

By Brandon Carter | Updated on Oct 21, 2016 2:13:00 PM


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In this week's customer engagement recap:

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  • The Real Future of Word of Mouth Marketing (Extole)

With AI rapidly advancing and moving into our lives (and maybe conquering the world if you're a Terminator fan), this is a very timely topic. The idea of being able to just say that you want to buy a bike for your sister sounds great, but intimidating from a business standpoint. How do you get to that point where people trust your brand to the point that they'll instruct their robot servant to purchase from you or refer you site unseen?

Your cable and wireless providers can get away with some pretty sketchy practices and still keep most of their business. Frustrating, right? It doesn't mean the rest of us can copy what they do. Take the high road, and learn from their fails.

  • Wyndham cancels loyalty promotion amidst fraud concerns (Wise Marketer)

Frustrating story for what could have been a really neat promotion. It's similar to the Sephora mess from last year, in the sense that the best intentions don't always work out. A big difference between the situations, however, lies in the fine print. Instead of a blanket "sucks for you!" Wyndham says if you can prove you did your part, they'll follow through with you. 

"We know some of you had the best intentions, and we want to reward you with what you’ve earned. If you believe you’ve met all of the terms & conditions below, and have already submitted via email, we will be in contact in response to your inquiry."

  • Loyalty Programs May Be Final Frontier for Mobile Wallet Adoption (Loyalty360)

That sounds eerily familiar.

We write a lot of blogs, obviously. Some have done really well, others, not so much. But one thing we figured out is that the articles that work share a lot in common with a great customer engagement effort. Overall, no one wants to read a blog that is just repackaged sales brochures. And if you're not bringing something of value, something that helps someone be better at what they do, you might as well not even waste their time.
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Written by: Brandon Carter

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