Tales From the Cryptocurrency - The October 7 Customer Engagement Recap

By Brandon Carter | Updated on Oct 7, 2016 1:04:00 PM


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In this week's customer engagement recap:

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  • News: Is the loyalty industry about to be disrupted? (Wise Marketer)

Will a coalition loyalty program built around a shared cryptocurrency change the way we look at loyalty programs? We're not going to write it off because it's still early, but the questions, as always, are 1) will merchants actually get on board and play nicely with each other (and customer data), and 2) will the earn-and-burn be simple enough in the early stages to draw people into deeper engagement?  

  • The Difference Between User Experience and Customer Experience (and Why CX Is More Important) (The Access Loyalty Blog)

If this seems basic to most of the readers of this blog, then that's okay. Because a lot of people are missing out on the concept, or at least ignoring the forest for trees. A major part of engagement is the admission that a product or service alone isn't going to be enough to earn repeat purchases. Everything else around your brand is the customer experience, and that larger environment is what will sway a person's attitude as much as anything else.

Zappos is the quintessential customer-centric brand, right? So why a loyalty program, which many pundits say are ineffective? Truth is, it's hard out there, and a rewards program like theirs, with it's eared currency, is enough to keep quite a few people from straying elsewhere.

We and others put a lot of guilt into the community about the collection and (lack of) utilization of personal data. Why collect all that info if you're not going to use it, right? Well, consider the other side of the coin - what if you not only collect a ton of info, but supplement it with purchased third-party info? And info gained from other websites your customers have visited? Sound a bit creepy? That's what Facebook does. Take a few minutes to explore just a smidgen of what has been collected about your account at this link. To be fair, it's kind of cool that there's a certain level of transparency about how they're targeting you. On the other hand, how'd they know some of this stuff?

We wanted to highlight this article for a couple reasons. One, a base of enthusiastic, engaged employees is the first step toward an enthusiastic, engaged customer base. Two, the same principle in this article might apply to your customers. They came for your product, but a little bit of gratitude and appreciation might turn them into something more than just another customer.
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Written by: Brandon Carter

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