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Posted by Andrew Graft on Jul 30, 2020 3:00:00 PM

Ray Bradbury – author of the space travel and colonization classic The Martian Chronicles – once wrote, “Half of the fun of travel is the aesthetic of lostness.”

What did Mr. Bradbury mean when he penned this now famous quote? We may never know.

Don’t get the wrong idea, of course. We get the part about travel being extra rewarding when people get far off the beaten path into places they didn't even know existed. (Duh.)

What civilization will always wonder is this. Did he mean “half” in the general sense, as in give or take a third? Or “half” in the 50% sense, where if he’d meant 51 percent, he’d have said 51 percent?

Whatever the math behind Ray’s statistical calculations, one thing we know for sure…

People looooooove to travel.

Families and individuals of all ages, sizes and incomes. To faraway lands. For weekend getaways. To pursue new business deals. With kids. Without kids. On planes, trains, automobiles, boats and buses.

And when it comes to the best corporate discount programs, association member benefits, and membership perks in general, discounted travel is often among the most hotly pursued additions to the mix. Why? Because lots of money AND emotional expectation are wrapped up in most of our travel purchase decisions.

So to better understand today’s traveler, we at Access have compiled what we believe is a comprehensive “ultimate collection” of statistics having to do with the travel and tourism industry. We've tried to make this list as relevant as possible, which means we combed through recent research from travel and tourism related sources.

Most of these stats are focused on Americans who travel – though other nationalities may creep into the mix from time to time. We've provided source links for each statistic. Sometimes you’ll find the data conflicts with other sources - so we’ll leave it up to you to decipher which is most accurate.

We'll keep this list updated regularly with the latest and greatest. If you know of a stat we're missing, or want your own research included in our collection, leave us a note in the comments. Enjoy!

Posted by Brandon Carter on Mar 31, 2015 8:30:00 AM

Everybody wants customer loyalty, right? It’s wonderful to have people like a brand, come back to it time and time again, even refer their friends to it. What a great concept!

The only hangup? Consumers are hard to please. They’re demanding. They’re cheap. And they’re over-informed.

This is the crossroads at which the timeshare and travel club worlds find themselves. Rescission rates are growing, and selling to Millennials is proving to be a challenge. The internet is full of horror stories, and there are still a lot of scams dirtying the waters for everyone else.

Loyalty is attractive to these groups, as it should be, but it requires a focus on relationships that might be a bit of a shift. We think the timeshare world is primed for a major gain in this area.

They have a combination of an exciting product and enthusiastic (at least initially) customer base. By maintaining that enthusiasm and giving more power to owners/members, loyalty can become the major driver of revenue.

Consider these four basic guidelines, and we think your timeshare or travel club will be differentiated from anyone else in the industry: