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We’ve discussed often on this blog how customer engagement begins with employee engagement. In fact, we strongly believe the best path to happy customers is to start internally.

It’s why we invest so much of our heart into making sure our own employees feel valued.

The fourth quarter here at Access has been both rewarding and humbling. That’s because our employees have honored us in return.

As we’ve been evaluated for end-of year recognition by a variety of organizations, they’ve examined our benefits, work-life balance, company culture and more. More importantly, they surveyed the employees themselves to anonymously learn how they feel about working here.

And what do you know, we even won a few awards.

Most recently, Access Development was named one of Utah’s best companies to work for by Utah Business Magazine.

During the survey process, employees reported, “The culture at Access is more like an extended family than a workplace. We value each other for their personalities and their skills to work together to accomplish a common goal. Our company also emphasizes the importance of a work-life balance and believe that the employees are the most important part of the company. The general feeling here makes me want to come to work everyday and focus to get my job done the best I can.”

Access has also received recognition from 4 other diverse organizations in the last year.

“We owe it all to our excellent employees,” said Lisa Oyler, HR director at Access Development. “If we’ve done anything right here at Access, it’s been to hire the most amazing people who bring energy and talent to our workplace.” 

Speaking of amazing employees, we’re looking for a few more “A” players to add to the team. So if you know someone looking for a more satisfying job, try nudging them toward one of these available positions.

Thanksgiving is obviously a holiday meant to inspire reflection about the things in life we should be appreciative of. For a company and the individuals who comprise it, one aspect to be thankful for that is often overlooked is the office space the company lives in. This November we’re celebrating the 15 year anniversary of Access calling its current South Salt Lake address home.

Posted by Brandon Carter on Dec 13, 2010 8:51:00 AM

This post is from Access' Director of HR Gina Yoder. Contact Gina on Twitter at twitter.com/GinaYoder

This post was written by Emily Hayes, Access' Senior Director of Educator Access. Emily, and Access, works with education associations in 40 states, helping nearly two million educators save money and stay engaged with their associations. Emily can be contacted via email.)