Posted by Kendra Lusty on Jun 14, 2021 10:26:03 AM

Mobile phones have become so engrained in our day to day, it’s sometimes hard for me to remember life without them. When people seek to interact with their favorite brands, they increasingly prefer to do so through their mobile devices.

The Access My Deals app debuted in March of 2011 with deals at 100,000 businesses nationwide. It was the first white label mobile coupon platform of its kind, back when people still were warming up to the idea of mobile couponing.

In 2016, the app got its first major overhaul with hundreds (yes, hundreds) of improvements to make the app more rewarding than ever. To help users enjoy the 500,000 deals available at the time, we added a navigation bar, yelp integration, filtering, a homepage with suggest offers and many more features to help members save more AND more often.

And now, just over a decade since its inception, Access is releasing the most comprehensive update yet. Every single change is aimed to make the user experience seamless, simple and MORE personalized, breaking down the common barriers that threaten to prevent members from saving every available dollar they can.

Previous versions of the My Deals mobile app have been well loved and well used. In fact, for the past three years, 77% of our total visitor sessions have been through mobile devices.

And there’s even better news for businesses and organizations that offer the My Deals mobile app to their members, customers, employees and more. During user testing, the latest app update performed better in several key metrics that matter most in terms of engagement. Test groups showed a 20% higher conversion rate of registrations and five times more redeems.

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It’s hard to believe that so many companies still devote most of their resources to new business. Don’t get us wrong, a new customer is always a worthy pursuit.

But this laser focus on the present often comes at the expense of the future.

US companies spend $50 billion yearly on loyalty programs

Meanwhile, businesses sink hundreds of billions of dollars into advertising annually. In 2019 alone, $240 billion dollars were spent in the US. And while 2020 was (understandably) atypical, economic recovery in 2021 is expected to bring growth back to customer spend AND business advertising spend.

We get it. New business makes the CEO and shareholders happy. It earns parties in the breakroom and high fives in the boardroom.

Customer retention may not have the same sexy reputation, but it's definitely more profitable. Even better, profits are just one of the positive aspects of retention and loyalty.

Let's go over the top ten benefits of retention, shall we?New Call-to-action

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The holidays are nearly here, along with everything they bring: excitement, gifts, feasts, decorations, celebrations…

Member loyalty.

At least for clients of Access Development they do. That’s because this December, we’re offering an extra special promotion aimed to reinvigorate and engage your membership.

This email campaign, which we're calling the 12 Days of Holiday Savings, will launch on December 1. Then each day for 12 days, members will receive an email highlighting one highly exclusive, limited-time offer.

These deals are among the deepest we’ve ever offered. And since they’re not available to the general public (or even to every Access member) we can’t reveal the participating merchants just yet.

Posted by Gary Toyn on Mar 21, 2019 11:18:16 AM

Not all member discount programs can really attract and engage your constituents like they promise. Here are 20 of the most important elements to look for in an effective (and compelling) discount program.

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Why are more and more member-based organizations, employers, associations offering their constituents a private discount program as part of their benefits?

Because if it’s done right, offering compelling consumer discounts has almost universal appeal with virtually any demographic,  young or old, male or female. 

Posted by Gary Toyn on Mar 7, 2019 7:20:00 AM

Membership groups are trying to adapt to the increasing demands of members who want personally relevant value from the organizations they join. Here’s why organizations are embracing membership discount platforms to drive ongoing engagement.

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