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Posted by Kendra Lusty on Sep 22, 2018 7:45:00 AM

As America’s largest discount network, we at Access have a long history of working with fundraising organizations (of all shapes and sizes) to help them raise money for the causes they care about – most typically through the sale of our high-value local discount cards (e.g., our Champions Card).

However, while discount cards and other traditional fundraisers are still very popular, they don’t fit the needs of every group needing to raise money. The fundraising landscape has expanded to include online fundraisers, which are rapidly growing in popularity. Since Access Fundraising works regularly with youth sports teams and community groups, it saw a growing need for an online fundraising platform optimized to their specific needs.

Posted by Kendra Lusty on Aug 27, 2018 11:05:32 AM

Last week in this article, we introduced you to Access Fundraising (formerly TriQuest Fundraising), a new division of Access Development that has spent its first year creating new and better ways to simplify fundraising.

For several years before the restructuring, I ran the blog for TriQuest Fundraising, sharing strategies and tips for a successful fundraiser. This week, I got to sit down with Rusty Bentley, President of Access Fundraising, and get a deeper look into the products offered, see what the first year looked like, and discover its plans for the future.


Posted by Kendra Lusty on Aug 7, 2018 8:28:45 AM

We discuss loyalty on this blog a lot – mostly in regards to customer loyalty, member loyalty and employee loyalty. After all, Access Development is the largest private discount network for organizations in the nation.

But what about donors?

Access Fundraising, a division of Access Development, draws on 20+ years of loyalty and discount program experience to pair this program with a new audience in need of loyalty: fundraising companies, charities and more.