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Twitter is pretty great. Within a matter of minutes, you can get the latest news, sports, opinions, memes, advice, celebrity junk, and more. Ever wanted to chat up Russell Crowe, Pope Francis, or the drummer from Kings of Leon? They're all there! 

It has great business applications as well. It's a quick way to reach a crowd or get connected to powerful people.

And as useful as Twitter is as a broadcasting and connection tool, it's even better for reading and learning.

We're big Twitter fans. Besides being a great place to share out content or just vent, Twitter is fantastic for learning.

Specifically, there are some very informative accounts in the conjoined worlds of customer loyalty programs and engagement. We decided to create a list of our 35 favorites, so you can follow them for yourself.

Some of these accounts produce great original content, while others just share great information. Either way, the industry is better informed thanks to the knowledge shared out in the marketplace.

Posted by Brandon Carter on Feb 28, 2012 1:47:00 AM

Ever watched a trending topic on Twitter? A conversation around a particular topic grows to the point where it's one of the most discussed things in the world. Then the conversation is almost derailed when the world at large jumps in. Spammers and hucksters jump in and dang near bring the conversation to a halt. What was a celebration of Jeremy Lin vs the Miami Heat turns into a big, indecipherable mess.

If you've paid any attention at all to the marketing space lately, you know that mobile efforts are starting to mature. Companies are now seriously investing in ways to get in front of their customers on their smartphones.