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Posted by Brandon Carter on Oct 5, 2018 1:31:00 PM

Perks, rewards and loyalty programs are becoming increasingly popular these days. It seems like they’re everywhere – coffee shops, restaurants, clothing stores, airports, colleges, theme parks, movie theaters, charities, employers etc.




Posted by Brandon Carter on Jun 8, 2016 8:00:00 AM

Access was the first discount program in the world to launch a mobile coupon network and app, My Deals Mobile. In the beginning, people were only just coming around to the idea of mobile coupons. We saw it as an early opportunity to earn our clients some brand face time on mobile devices.

To this point the mobile coupon network and app have been a huge success. Maybe even bigger than we imagined, as usage and redemptions continue to climb on a daily basis. 

Today people aren't just curious about mobile coupons - they're redeeming billions of them annually. Simply having mobile coupons isn't enough. To stay relevant, you have to know what deals people are looking for, and get them to those deals as quickly as possible.

With this speedy relevance in mind, we're proud to introduce the next generation of mobile coupon apps with the new My Deals Mobile.




Giving People the Offers They Want

We've configured this version to help people find the most relevant, exciting local offers within seconds. 

Our network has over 500,000 merchant locations, but what matters is giving the user the right offer at the right time. That's what this app is designed to do.

Because of that efficiency in helping people save money, we think it's going to be a powerful mobile engagement tool for our clients, who use our programs for member benefits, incentives, employee perks, appreciation gifts, and more.

Want to see it?

Posted by Brandon Carter on May 17, 2016 10:00:00 AM

It shouldn’t surprise you that many of us here at Access are coupon junkies. Our primary product is discount programs, after all.

It’s not uncommon to see team members here scouring sites like SlickDeals and FatWallet. My particular favorite is WiredDeals, which is like a “trending topics” for deals.

What can we say? We're dealhounds, much like 96% of the US.

But we also help over 700,000 retail businesses of all sizes build coupon campaigns. We know as well as anyone that there’s a fine line between success and disaster when it comes to coupons.

The right deal targeted at the right crowd can change the fortunes for a business.

The wrong deal, or even the right deal that gets into the hands of the wrong crowd, can do serious damage.

Most of the deals on our network and created solely for our members only. If any of those deals pops up on any of those popular deal sharing sites, it can do serious harm to the merchant's marketing budget. 

That’s just one of several reasons we’ve introduced serialization into our discount network.

Posted by Brandon Carter on May 12, 2016 8:00:00 AM

Consider, for a moment, all of the little elements that play a role in customer loyalty.

Pricing, branding, peers, performance, experience, whims, proximity, post-transaction service, convenience, emotional engagement, rational engagement, community, marketing...

We could keep going. The point is, there are a lot of factors that go into customer loyalty. 

There's one element that is particularly near and dear to us, and we think it's especially important to customers as well. 

Employee engagement

It's a deeply complex topic within itself. There's so much to be said about it that we didn't feel we could adequately address it on this blog.

So we're going to give the topic it's own blog entirely, over at http://blog.accessperks.com. Give it a click, and be sure to subscribe while you're there. 

Posted by Brandon Carter on Dec 18, 2014 2:30:00 AM

It’s holiday shopping season. People have abandoned their families to shop on Thanksgiving, then stood outside in the wee hours of the morning on Black Friday waiting for doors to open.

They’ve dutifully ignored work (on occasion) to browse online retailers. They’ve sharpened their elbows and mobilized through intense crowds at malls, warehouse stores, and big box retailers.

People will go to great lengths to get a great deal. They’ll do things outside their normal scope of behavior, especially this time of year.

In fact, if you browse through our collection of coupon statistics, you’ll see that valuable merchant content inspires people to try a lot of new things.

Even mobile payments.

Posted by Brandon Carter on Nov 25, 2014 1:04:00 AM

Access is unlike any other place I've ever worked - including startups, massive corporations, agencies, an NBA franchise, among others. I've never seen a place with the unique culture and cohesion that Access has. Maybe it's the hiring process that's as much about learning attitudes as capability, or so many employees hanging around in spandex after biking to work during the summer, but there's a definite comfort level among the ranks here.

One thing is clear though: once the organization sets a goal, we go ALL IN. This competitive drive pays off in our efforts to serve our clients and their customers.It also pays off in our dedication to serving our community and those in need.

Like the last several years, Access staged a food drive that spanned the two weeks following Halloween. Employees were divided into a dozen teams (loosely based on department) and tasked with coming up with as much food as possible, to be donated to the Utah Food Bank.