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Posted by Andrew Graft on May 21, 2018 1:51:16 PM

Those of us here at Access like to think of our little corner of the world as the happiest place on earth.

Singing, dancing, group hugs...you know, the kind of behavior you'd expect from the people at America's largest discount network

(New: Only want the latest data? Check out our collection of 2017 loyalty stats.)

Customer brand loyalty is a rich and complex subject to grasp. 

What is it? (Here's a definition.)

How is it earned?

Is it worth the effort?

For your convenience, we've compiled dozens of statistics to help light the way - from how many people are active in loyalty programs to what they're looking to get out of them and how they'd like to be communicated with.

We've tried to make this list as relevant as possible, which means we combed through recent research with a focus on the US (with the occasional global stat thrown in).

These stats are culled from a variety of sources, and we've provided source links for each of them (though some are gateway pages that require you to register or submit your information to receive the actual research).

Sometimes the data conflict with other sources - we'll leave it up to you to decipher which is most accurate.

We'll keep this list updated on a weekly basis with the latest and greatest. If you know of a stat we're missing, or want your own research included in our collection, leave us a note in the comments.

It's fun to invest in something that can lead to greater loyalty and engagement.

Maybe it's a loyalty program, complete with gamification and micro-rewards plus all the other bells and whistles. Perhaps you finally get that vaunted omnichannel marketing platform or that single view of all customer data in one neat interface.

Even creating your first Facebook business page feels like something significant. Same thing with getting those first few members of your email list.

The possibilities are endless, the sky is the limit, and this is what's going to separate your operation from the rest of the industry.

But then things move slower than you thought.

The results aren't just pouring in, your path moving forward isn't clear, and customers just aren't engaging like you had expected.

Turns out, even the engagement and loyalty hacks still require a LOT of work.

We've been saying for a few weeks now that discount programs are an effective tool to drive engagement and acquisition.

But how do you know it's doing those things? What can you objectively look at to discern if it's driving any actual results?

Take a look at this infographic we put together as part of our discount program ebook.

As we mentioned, one of Access' core products is discount programs; bundles of valuable merchant offers sourced by us and offered to consumers through our client groups.

We like discount programs so much, we published a 30 page guide about them for free.

They've proven effective at generating engagement and driving acquisition for over 30 years.

After all, when they're put together well, they can save people hundreds of dollars.

What other benefit or reward can claim that?

"What does 'put together well' mean?" you might ask.

Well, not all discount programs are created the same.

For seven years we've published articles and tips on engagement and loyalty. We've developed a great readership and have had the good fortune of starting some great dialog over the years .
But many of you have asked the question of what exactly it is that Access Development does.
You'd think loyalty and reward programs. Maybe engagement software (Access Development does sound like a software name).
While those things are part of what we do, our core product is something different entirely .