Posted by Brandon Carter on Dec 6, 2016 9:15:00 AM

Consumers carry big sticks these days.

Just ask anyone who's ever been tasked with online brand management. Nothing can bring a large corporate empire to its knees faster than an angry Tweeter with a couple thousand followers.

That consumer power is never more on display that this time of year. Most people are spending a lot right now, due to holidays and other year-end expenses.

Brands know that.

And consumers know that brands know that.

Which means they're content to wait for prices to tumble down. Most brands in turn have no option but to capitulate.

From a brand perspective, it's frustrating.

But have you considered it from the consumers point of view?

As it turns out, it's more than just practical to save money. A closer view shows biological reactions to finding a good deal - the same reactions we experience when our team wins a game or we connect with a good friend.

Conversely, saving money fights off some nasty reactions caused by financial-related stress as well. 

Posted by Brandon Carter on Feb 18, 2015 10:34:00 AM

Hi, my name is Brandon and I’m addicted to loyalty programs.

That thought occurred to me this weekend as I was trying to set up (another) mobile wallet. One of the options this particular solution offers is “loyalty programs,” or the ability to add all (or most) of my various loyalty cards in virtual form.

Between national programs, aggregators, and punch cards, I had well over 50 memberships.

If you had asked me how many loyalty programs I was a member of point blank, with no time to dig for accuracy, I would’ve said 15, maybe 20.

50 wouldn’t have entered my mind. Which also means many of the brands providing those programs wouldn’t have entered my mind, either.

Posted by Brandon Carter on Jun 24, 2014 2:27:00 AM

There's a scene in the new HBO comedy series Silicon Valley where a number of startups are trying to explain their approaches to Social, Local, and Mobile using a thousand variations on the popular "SoLoMo" mashup word. "LoMoSo," "MoLoSo," "SoMoLo," and "LoSoMo" were a few of those mentioned as these (fictional) companies are trying incredibly hard to stand out from a very crowded field trying to capitalize on new consumer trends.

It's a hilarious sendup of a very real movement. Everyone wants to get in front of consumers in the ongoing digital revolution. It's a tough job, what with a still-sagging economy and stagnant wages hindering well-informed and scrupulous spenders, who only have flexibility with about 36% of their income. Good luck.

The brands who will win - and by "win" we mean capture frequent engagement and spending - will be the ones most able to capitalize on the where, how, and why people buy.

To that end, we put together an infographic highlighting some of the new developments in consumer spending, what's changing and what isn't, and how saving money is still king. To learn even more about engaging the modern consumer, download our free eBook today.