Posted by Kendra Lusty on Mar 17, 2021 8:00:00 AM

Scratch. Bills. Buckaroos. Smackers. Dough. Green.

No matter what you call it, there’s just something about cold hard cash.

People have more appreciation for items they purchased with cash rather than credit, according to psychologists. Hollywood loves to show suitcases full of benjamins or handfuls of dollars raining down in slow motion. And what school kid doesn’t dream of catching a leprechaun and claiming its pot of gold?

The allure of cash is strong.

And the same holds true in the world of member benefits and customer rewards. There’s just something about cash back rewards that brings customers back again and again.

Posted by Brandon Carter on Dec 1, 2015 7:00:00 AM

Way back in 2005, Access Development and Zions Bank teamed up to create a rewards program unlike any other in the nation - Zions Cash Rewards. The idea was almost radical - build a network of preferred merchants willing to give customers money back on qualifying transactions paid for with a Zions Visa card. It’s just like a discount, except the customer gets their 15% off (for example) in the form of a cash rebate after the transaction.

Over ten years later, the program now known as Zions AmaZing Deals is still going strong, with over 1,000 businesses in Utah and Idaho offering great deals to over 400,000 cardholders. Merchant participation in that program is managed by Access Rewards, a division of Access Development. Access Rewards is a team of dedicated merchant relations specialists whose sole focus is merchant satisfaction in the program.

When it comes to local businesses, they’re a fanatical group. They love to see merchants getting new business and transactions from members. They also understand that Access Rewards, and card-linked offers in general, are quite a bit different from usual “coupon” models. That’s why we thought it would be helpful to put together a few bullet points that highlight some of the traits unique to this group.

Posted by Ashley Autry on Mar 7, 2013 2:35:03 AM

Big news today at Access. We are excited to announce that Kelly Passey, EVP of business and product development, will be speaking at the BAI Payments Connect Conference & Expo. He'll be showing off our new mobile rewards app as part of the Payments Innovations Forum, which features 15 groundbreaking technologies in the payments industry.

Posted by Brandon Carter on Oct 3, 2012 5:25:00 AM

The nation’s largest private discount network continues to get bigger and better. We're excited to announce that the Access Instant Savings network has reached more than 300,000 merchant locations. Our network proudly features regional, in-store offers in 100% of the top 366 metropolitan areas, 100% of the top 576 micropolitan areas, and 94% of all American counties. The good news? In total, 99.6% of people live within a ten mile radius of a great Access deal.

While online spending continues to grow, consumers have shown time and time again that local, in-store content is what moves them - 80% of their disposable dollars are spent within 20 miles of home. We've built our network to fit those consumer needs, and our clients are the ones reaping the benefits.

Thanks go out to our team here at Access, our clients and of course, the 300,000+ merchants who help make it all happen.

Posted by Brandon Carter on Jun 12, 2012 2:47:59 AM

To put a nice bow on what has been a great month for Access, here is the official video from the PowerDeals demo at FinovateSpring.

Posted by Brandon Carter on Apr 25, 2012 4:34:00 AM

We're excited to reveal a bit of big news today: We're going to be debuting our newest service, PowerDeals, at FinovateSpring 2012 May 8-9.