It was game three of the World Series, 1932. The New York Yankees versus the Cubs at Wrigley Field. Score tied 4-4.

An aging Babe Ruth steps up to the plate while being mercilessly taunted by the Cubs' bench.

As the legend goes, Ruth raised his arm to point toward center field.

"That's where I'm going to send the next pitch," was the implicit, unspoken message.

He swung the bat and knocked that pitch 440 feet directly into center field, where he had just pointed.

And here we are, still talking about it nearly 85 years later.

There's some dispute as to what really happened that October day. Ruth definitely gestured to somewhere, or someone, and he definitely hit a homer. The rest is murky. (The Wikipedia page for the event is longer than that of the Zapruder film.)

There's a reason the story is appealing, and easily the most legendary tale from a larger than life figure.

He told everyone exactly what he was going to do, and then he followed through.

From the perspective of a business, we'd all like to replicate this. To look a potential customer in the eye, tell them what you're going to do for them, then knock it out of the park.

We think it's possible to not only call your shot, but to do it every time.