92% of consumers aren't going beyond 20 minutes to make routine purchases.

That's the big takeaway from our recent survey on consumer spending proximity. (Be sure you download the summary here.)

That's a big broad stat that says a lot.

Based on those numbers one could deduce that local businesses should focus 99% of their efforts on the immediate surrounding area.

But not all of those "routine purchases" are the same. And a closer dive into the data shows that people have clear preferences as to how far they're willing to go to buy certain items.consumer spending research

Check out the following infographic to see how different purchases result in different travel times.

For decades, the common thinking has been that 80% of consumer spending occurs within 20 miles of home.

We've cited that stat before, as have countless other legitimate publications and news outlets.

The problem is, we've learned the stat is a myth. It doesn't exist, as this writer documented.