Gen Z Loyalty Statistics

Just as we think we're starting to figure Millennials out, time brings us another, even more bizarre generation.
Gen Z, or those born between 2000 and 2016, are sometimes referred to as Centennials. And they're going to be a handful. 
These young folks are just starting to wield their economic power worldwide, but they've already impacted the way companies market and sell their products.
For example, ask someone 18 or younger who their favorite celebrity is and they won't name a singer or movie star. You'll hear about a YouTube vlogger, or a Snapchat celebrity.
Yeah, it's a different generation.
They're even more phone obsessed with Millennials, and even more price-savvy. Their social consciousness runs deep, but so does their desire to be seen and envied (most are still teenagers, of course).
To help you navigate what drives this generation's engagement and loyalty preferences, we've created this public database of statistics. It's smaller than our other collections for the moment, but give it a bookmark and check back periodically as we'll be adding data frequently.
Also, be sure to check out our other stats databases, including Millenial Loyalty Stats, Loyalty Stats (across all generations, of course), 2018 Loyalty Stats, and Coupons.
Have data that should be on here? Or want us to hunt down data for you? Leave us a comment and let us know.

Loyalty Statistics The Ultimate CollectionGen Z and Loyalty Marketing Stats

  • 82% of Gen K, 85% of Millennials, 84% of Gen X and 80% of baby boomers say a loyalty program has enhanced their experience of the brand (Rare)
  • 45% of Gen K, 66% of Millennials, 86% of Gen X and 81% of Baby Boomers say the loyalty program makes them feel special (Rare)
  • 84% of Gen K, 49% of Millennials, 85% of Gen X and 70% of Baby Boomers say the loyalty program makes them want to keep shopping with this brand (Rare)
  • 80% of Gen K, 43% of Millennials, 76% of Gen X and 53% of Baby Boomers say the loyalty program increases the frequency with which they buy from the brand (Rare)
  • 71% of Gen X, 70% of Millennials, 63% of Baby Boomers and 62% of Gen Z said a loyalty program influences their brand choices (CrowdTwist)
  • 68% of Gen Z participated in a loyalty program in 2018 and only 59% in 2019 (CrowdTwist)
  • 26% of Gen Z never redeem loyalty program rewards (CrowdTwist)
  • Gen Z are more likely to refer a friend and Millennials are more likely to write reviews (CrowdTwist)
  • 79% of Gen Z, Millennials, and Gen X, plus 77% of Baby Boomers and 64% of the Silent Generation want to be rewarded with points for walking into a store or restaurant (CrowdTwist)
  • 74% of Millennial and Generation Z consumers use websites or apps to search for discounts and deals on fast food, compared to 57% of Gen Xers and Boomers (RetailMeNot)
  • 67% of Millennials and 56% of Gen Z are influenced by a restaurant’s content or deals, vs. 49% and 40% who are influenced by social posts from influencers (RetailMeNot)
  • 65% of Gen Z and 71% of Millennials are highly influenced by loyalty programs (Bond Brand Loyalty)
  • 62% of Gen Z and 67% of young Millennials are highly influenced by loyalty programs (Bond)
  • 41% of Gen Z and 44% of younger Millennials are very satisfied with their loyalty programs (Bond)
  • Gen Z and younger Millennials are 20% more comfortable than the average American with the information loyalty programs collect from them (Bond)
  • 25% of travelers in the 15-24 age bracket are members of a loyalty program, compared to 43% in the 65+ age bracket (Criteo)
  • 57% of 25-34 year olds, 43% of those ages 18-24, 66% of 35-44 year olds, 71% of 55-64 year olds and 65% of 65 years and older participated in at least one loyalty program (YouGov)
  • 63% of Gen Z participates in at least one loyalty program, whereas 71% of Millennials do (CrowdTwist)
  • 36% of Gen Z above age 18 and 22% of Millennials participate in one or zero loyalty programs (Kobie Marketing)
  • 15% of Gen Z are actively engaged in three or more loyalty programs (Kobie)
  • Over 70% of Millennials and Pre-millennials were members of loyalty programs vs. less than 20% among Baby Boomers (Oracle)
  • 72% of Gen Z and Gen X, 68% of Millennials, 56% of Baby Boomers and 42% of those born in 1945 or earlier said they could be persuaded to choose one brand over another due to the presence of a loyalty program (CrowdTwist)
  • Loyalty programs have a higher influence on Gen Z and Millennial consumer spend than on Boomers (66% vs 58%) (Bond)
  • Boomers tend to be more satisfied with their loyalty programs (49%) compared with Millennials and Gen Z (30%) (Bond)
  • About two-thirds of Gen Zers are reluctant to join loyalty programs for a variety of reasons, with 40% of this segment saying the programs require too many purchases to earn rewards or to redeem points (Kobie)
  • 33% of Gen Zers don’t want to pay a fee to join a program, 28% say the enrollment process takes too long and 25% don’t see any benefit from joining (Kobie)
  • 28% of Gen Z is reluctant to join loyalty programs because they don’t want to give up too much personal information (Kobie)
  • 59% of Gen Z and younger Millennials are comfortable with programs capturing their information in exchange for authenticity, purpose and meaning (Bond Brand Loyalty)
  • 52% of Gen Z and younger Millennials are willing to pay a fee to receive enhanced benefits from loyalty programs (compared with 43% of consumers in general) (Bond Brand Loyalty)
  • 27% of Gen Z and younger Millennials save their card in their smartphone’s digital wallet and show it to receive benefits or make purchases (Bond Brand Loyalty)
  • Willingness to pay for enhanced benefits is significantly higher among Gen Z (47%) and Millennials (46%), as well as households with children (44%) and early technology adopters (69%) (Bond)
  • 52% of Gen Z consumers will transfer loyalty from one brand to another if the brand’s quality is not up to par (IBM)
  • 73% of Millennials and 48% of Gen Z said they are influenced to purchase based on loyalty programs (Lab42)
  • 65% of Gen Zers want to get a lot for their money with discounts, coupons and a rewards program (National Retail Federation)
  • 36% of millennials and 29% of gen Z often use coupons (Numerator)
  • Gen Z consumers rank beauty and media & entertainment in the top five categories for loyalty programs (CrowdTwist)
  • Gen Z is almost 50% more likely than Millennials to write a product review in exchange for points (CrowdTwist)
  • 40% of Gen Z reported playing games as the preferred way of earning loyalty points (CrowdTwist)
  • 80% of U.S. Gen Z consumers are willing to sign up for loyalty cards in exchange for deals/discounts (Interactions Marketing)
  • 68% of teens say they prefer to receive communication from a business via email (Adestra)
  • 69% of Gen Z think brands should help them achieve their goals (PSFK)

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Gen Z Brand Loyalty Stats

  • Two-thirds of Gen Z consumers said their impression of a brand is positively impacted by its association with a social cause, and 58% report such an association could spur a purchase (DoSomething Strategic)
  • 12% of Gen Z consumers have a top-of-mind association between brands they know and a social cause (DoSomething Strategic)
  • 54% of teenagers age 16-19 say they have deliberately purchased or stopped using a brand because of its ethics (MediaCom)
  • 63% of teens are more likely to purchase from brands that support causes or charities that are important to them (MediaCom)
  • Teens are more likely than adults (57% vs. 49%) to pay more for brands that support the causes or organizations important to them (MediaCom)
  • 81% of teens cited quality and 80% cited value as the most important factors for purchase (MediaCom)
  • Secondary factors teens cited for purchase were whether brands ethically make their products (43%), don’t test on animals (42%) and are environmentally friendly (34%) (MediaCom)
  • 63% of Gen Z and Millennials agree they have many choices of where to shop, so a brand must show them loyalty to earn their business (Alliance Data)
  • 51% of 18-21 year-olds said they would like to try out different items even when they know there’s one they like (Morning Consult)
  • 55% of Gen Z tend to stick to a brand once they find it (Statista)
  • 62% of Gen Z consumers are drawn to new brands (NRF)
  • 76% of Gen Z and Millennials only give brands two to three chances before they stop shopping them (Alliance Data)
  • 55% of older millennials said they rarely purchase something different if they like a brand, and 53% of younger millennials and 51% of Gen Z said the same thing (Alliance Data)
  • 42% of Gen Z are brand conscious (Statista)
  • 73% of Millennials, 51% of Boomers, 72% of Gen Z are willing to pay extra for products and services from companies dedicated to social and environmental change (Nielsen)
  • 56% of Gen Z considers themselves to be socially conscious and more than 50% report knowing a brand is socially conscious influences their purchasing decisions (MNI Targeted Media)
  • 79% of Gen Z would engage with a brand that could help them make a difference (Saatchi New York)
  • 89% of Gen Zers say they are very price-conscious (Interactions Marketing)
  • 81% of U.S. Gen Z consumers are willing to switch from their favorite brand if they find a similar product at higher quality (Interactions Marketing)
  • 57% of Centennials say quality drives their loyalty to a brand more than any other factor, even more than price (55%), nearly 10% higher than any other generation (Yes Lifecycle Marketing)
  • 66% of Gen Z consumers say product quality and availability are the most important factors when choosing one brand over another; 65% focus on value (IBM)
  • 44% of millennials and 44% of pre-millennials (18-24) say they are more loyal to restaurant brands than before (Oracle Hospitality)
  • 38% of millennials and 32% of pre-millennials (18-24) note they are more loyal to hotel brands than before (Oracle Hospitality)

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Gen Z Retail Loyalty Stats

  • 26% of Gen Z chooses a retailer because of low product pricing and 23% based on how easy it is to find products (IRI)
  • 55% of Gen Z agrees that brick and mortar retailers offer the same quality rewards/loyalty programs as online retailers (IRI)
  • 64% of Gen Z and Millennials could be persuaded to shop with a brand if they have a loyalty program (CrowdTwist)
  • 16% of Gen Z’s shop at a single store for clothing/fashion compared with 26% of older millennials (Accenture)
  • 19% of Gen Z’s shop at a single store for health and beauty items compared with 34% of older millennials (Accenture)
  • Fewer than 38% of Gen Z’s shop at a single place for groceries compared with 55% of older millennials (Accenture)
  • 60% of Gen Zers prefer to shop at retailers that engage with them via social media (Interactions Marketing)
  • 82% of Gen Z state that the opinions of others on social media have influenced them to shop at a retailer they’ve never shopped at before (Interactions Marketing)
  • 64% of Gen Zers prefer shopping in-store more than online (Interactions Marketing)
  • 46% of Gen Z consumers and 55% of Millennials are willing to share their data in exchange for personalized experiences (CrowdTwist)
  • 70% of Gen Z, 64% of Gen X and 63% of Millennials expect to receive personalized recommendations via an app while browsing in-store (CrowdTwist)
  • 42% of Millennials, 37% of Gen X consumers, 33% of Gen Z, 29% of Baby Boomers and 23% of the Silent Generation have purchased something that was recommended to them by a brand in the past six months (CrowdTwist)
  • 75% of Gen Zers prefer to shop at retailers that provide an engaging in-store experience (Interactions Marketing)
  • 75% of Gen Zers check a store’s app when they’re shopping for special offers before making a final purchase (Interactions Marketing)
  • 75% of Gen Z would rather shop at a retailer that accepts mobile payments over one that doesn’t (Interactions Marketing)
  • 45% of ages 18-34, 35% of ages 35-54, and 16% of ages 55+ prefer using a mobile app to collect program currency (LoyaltyOne)
  • 56% of gen z says a fun in-store experience influences where they shop (NRF)
  • When music is partnered with visuals and scent to create a branded in-store atmosphere, 72% of U.S. consumers surveyed, ages 18-24, say they’re more likely to revisit (Mood Media)
  • 59% of Gen Zers avoid shopping at retailers that have been hit by security breaches in the past (Interactions Marketing)
  • 5% of U.S. Gen Z’s shop at a single place for clothing (Accenture)
  • 67% of U.S. consumers surveyed, ages 18-24, would like to receive immediately redeemable discounts pushed to their phones while in-store (Mood Media)
  • Top retail sites for teenagers: Amazon, Nike, Forever 21 (Piper Jaffray)
  • 47% of U.S. consumers ages 18-34 say they are very likely or somewhat likely to consider subscribing to at least one subscription box service (vs 33% of all U.S. adults) (YouGov)
  • Consumers ages 18-34 are slightly more likely than the average American adult to think subscription boxes are good for simplifying their budget (26% vs. 18%), saving money by subscribing in bulk (36% vs. 29%), and providing the ability to try new products they wouldn’t have otherwise (26% vs. 20%) (YouGov)
  • 42% of shoppers ages 18-34 say they consider not using products quickly enough from subscription boxes a potential drawback (vs. 52% of the general public) (YouGov)

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