Virginia Farm Bureau Adds Access to Member Benefits

In what seems to be a growing trend, the Virginia Farm Bureau Federation has teamed with Access for a new member benefit. “Deals Advantage” will give VAFB members access to thousands of exclusive offers across the state.

They join dozens of other organizations who are looking to give back to their members with relevant, everyday benefits. Specifically, VAFB joins a growing list of farm bureaus that have teamed up with Access to build member engagement through exclusive discount programs. We recently announced a similar partnership with the Alabama Farmers Federation.

See the official Deals Advantage announcement here.

What's causing these organizations to look to companies like Access to help boost their member benefits?

New Call-to-actionThe economy may be improving, but people have grown accustomed to living leaner. This means more scrutiny on the budget. “What are we getting from this?” is the question applied to every recurring charge, even if it’s once a year.

For farm bureaus, there’s a clear answer to that question. These groups provide advocacy and collective bargaining for their members, promotion for the industry, education programs, even member insurance in some instances.

The Deals Advantage app

Each of those has value, but equating that value to dollars and cents is sometimes difficult, especially when the member is faced with a renewal decision.

It's a complex issue with a fairly simple solution: associations need to add frequent relevance, a way to impact members in ways they'll appreciate on a regular basis.

Help them save money. In doing so, these organizations are helping members offset the cost of dues. In the case of Virginia, members will pull up the Deals Advantage site before heading out to dinner. They’ll open the mobile coupon app while walking around the mall. They’ll save money when they head out to the amusement park in Williamsburg.

At the same time, they’ll become more engaged with VAFB and in tune with the latest messages and issues facing the federation.

The result? Whenever the time comes for members to pay their dues, it’ll be a simple decision.

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Written by: Brandon Carter

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