Behind the Scenes at Access: Mark Holland - A Man of Many Talents

As you’ve heard us say before, we 're firm believers in the idea that a company is only as good as its employees. Not only are our employees highly qualified professionals, but they’re also pretty interesting people who work hard and play harder. On occasion, we like to single out some of the more unique folks and profile them here on our blog. With that said, let’s learn about Access CFO Mr. Mark Holland, who is equal parts number cruncher and mega-athlete.

Companies don't thrive as long as Access has (nearly 30 years) without smart financial management. It isn't as sexy as our discount programs or merchant funded rewards, but it is just as responsible for the success of our company and personal prosperity of our 150+ employees. Fiscal responsibility is a hallmark of Access' leadership team (the company has no debt and is self-funded), and a lot of that has to do with Mark Holland. In our offices, the CFO is a rock star.

Mark Holland has been with Access for over ten years as Chief Financial Officer. Mark is great at what he does due in large part to his personal philosophy on finance—accountability. He believes in giving each manager at Access the opportunity to create their own departmental budget. He has found that doing it this way yields better results, as it allows each manager to use their departmental expertise in building a plan they believe in, and therefore feel personally responsible and accountable for. Throughout the year, Mark meets with each manager to update them on the status of their budget and guide them into the future.

Mark isn’t just a champ when it comes to finance. It might blow your mind to know that he played wide receiver at Dixie College, has run 25 marathons, completed around 20 triathlons, and numerous road races. At one point, Mark even won the triathlon masters in St. George, from which he went on to compete in Japan.

Mark is the kind of person that wakes up at 4:45 every morning before work just to squeeze in a workout. Even in his mid fifties, he is known around the office as a super athlete. It’s not uncommon to see Mark leaving his much younger competition behind in the dust at many marathons.

Access is proud to have Mark as its CFO. He’s someone who knows what hard work and dedication means both in and out of the office. We can always count on him to keep us in good financial shape. Just be sure to turn in all the receipts!

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Written by: Ashley Autry

Ashley Autry is a Marketing Professional at Access Development. She's an expert proofer, gatherer of loyalty stats, research ace, writing queen, and overseer of various marketing projects.

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