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Ashley Autry is a Marketing Professional at Access Development. She's an expert proofer, gatherer of loyalty stats, research guru, writing queen, and overseer of various marketing projects.

Customer Loyalty Statistics: 2017 Edition

Posted by Ashley Autry on Feb 20, 2017 9:02:00 AM

Is 2017 the year customer loyalty truly dies?
Or will brands step up their engagement and customer experiences to the level the modern consumer expects? 
What can be done to earn die-hard devotion and enthusiasm from a stretched and skeptical populace?
Who knows? One thing is for sure, we're going to make sure the data and stats are here for your perusal.
As we've done the last couple years, this page is going to contain every piece of relevant customer engagement and loyalty stat released in 2017. Of course, these stats plus stats of year's past can be found on our Ultimate Collection of Loyalty Statistics.
As always, we'll provide a link back to the original source of the data. If you have research you'd like us to include, feel free to drop it in the comments.
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Brands We Love: Disney Parks

Posted by Ashley Autry on Apr 11, 2013 12:51:00 AM

As you know from our past Brands We Love entries, we get all goofy about our merchants. Besides serving their deals up to millions through our discount programs, we love bragging on them every chance we get. This time, our National Partnership Marketing Account Director, Tracie Ellis, tells us what it is about Disney that makes it so magical.

As an Access employee, and on behalf of the average American, I can vouch that Disney truly is the happiest place on earth. Between Walt Disney World and Disneyland, I’ve visited the parks over 30 times, making me somewhat of a self-proclaimed expert. Asking me to pick my favorite park is like asking me to pick between my children…I love them all. My favorite ride, however; is Splash Mountain.

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Access to Present at BAI Payments Connect

Posted by Ashley Autry on Mar 7, 2013 2:35:03 AM

Big news today at Access. We are excited to announce that Kelly Passey, EVP of business and product development, will be speaking at the BAI Payments Connect Conference & Expo. He'll be showing off our new mobile rewards app as part of the Payments Innovations Forum, which features 15 groundbreaking technologies in the payments industry.

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Behinds the Scenes at Access: Mark Holland - A Man of Many Talents

Posted by Ashley Autry on Dec 27, 2012 8:12:00 AM

As you’ve heard us say before, we 're firm believers in the idea that a company is only as good as its employees. Not only are our employees highly qualified professionals, but they’re also pretty interesting people who work hard and play harder. On occasion, we like to single out some of the more unique folks and profile them here on our blog. With that said, let’s learn about Access CFO Mr. Mark Holland, who is equal parts number cruncher and mega-athlete.

Companies don't thrive as long as Access has (nearly 30 years) without smart financial management. It isn't as sexy as our discount programs or merchant funded rewards, but it is just as responsible for the success of our company and personal prosperity of our 150+ employees. Fiscal responsibility is a hallmark of Access' leadership team (the company has no debt and is self-funded), and a lot of that has to do with Mark Holland. In our offices, the CFO is a rock star.

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Introducing the New Zions Bank Mobile Rewards App

Posted by Ashley Autry on Nov 20, 2012 4:42:00 AM

Access Development and Zions Bank are proud to announce the release of the Zions Cash Rewards mobile app, a portable savings resource for Zions Bank Visa credit and debit cardholders. Consumers will find both local and national deals in categories like dining, shopping, hotel, golf, automotive, and more.

The app offers two different types of merchant discounts: “show your phone” coupons and card-linked offers. “Show your phone” mobile coupons are redeemed by presenting your mobile phone at the point of sale, and cash back rewards are earned by making a qualifying transaction with a Zions Bank Visa card at a participating merchant. The cash back reward is then automatically deposited back into the user’s account.

With the help of this app, consumers can easily and conveniently access savings of up to 50% to merchants they shop at every day. These merchants can be found by category, GPS location, maps, recent searches, or a user-designated favorites list.

This new Zions Cash Rewards mobile app comes at a time of huge growth for the mobile coupon industry and is, as a result, of great value. Over 53% of consumers who own a smartphone or tablet plan to use those devices in their holiday shopping.

Just as intriguing is this statistic that Javelin Strategies & Research unearthed: mobile coupons were listed by consumers as the benefit most likely to sway them to use a smartphone-based payment system. Mobile wallet developers may want to take notice.

We want to give a big thank you to Juniper Research and Javelin Strategy & Research for allowing us to use their statistics in our press release.

The full text of the release is below. Contact us today or leave a comment if you'd like more information about the Zions Cash Rewards mobile app.

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Alabama Farmers and Access Partner on "Everyday Extras"

Posted by Ashley Autry on Oct 31, 2012 4:41:00 AM

We are excited to announce that the Alabama Farmers Federation has added the “Everyday Extras” discount program to their member benefits. This new partnership brings the Federation's members over 185,000 savings at local and national businesses.

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