10 Reasons Why Discount Programs are Worth Your Investment

Posted by Brandon Carter on Jun 16, 2015 9:00:00 AM

Few things are as exciting as getting something for free.

But some things are worth paying for. Good shoes, home contractors, high speed internet, vacation experiences, and a good work wardrobe are all things most of us would agree are worth an investment.

In the business world, the items worth investing in aren’t quite so universal. To some it’s reliable software developers, to others it’s an agile CRM system.

To a business, free stuff comes with risks, especially if it’s going in front of customers. At risk is more than just a few dollars - the cost of reputation and customer perception can be enormous.

There is room for skimping in business.

However, if it has your brand on it, it’s worth an investment.member benefits

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How Better Member Benefits Communicate the Real Value of an Association

Posted by Brandon Carter on Jan 6, 2015 9:10:00 AM

The most basic definition of a transaction is an exchange of goods. One person hands over something and receives something they desire in return. Obviously, this is usually in the form of a person handing over money in exchange for an item or service.

Most of us will do this a couple times a day. These transactions are easy to comprehend and, later, evaluate.

For example: I handed over $1.25 for a pack of gum, which was great, and I will mindlessly make the same transaction over and over until one side of the equation changes (probably in the form of increasing prices from the gum company, or my dentist assaulting me for chewing so much gum). I get the gum, they get my money. I see it as a fair exchange of value for value. 

Unfortunately not all transactions are so cut-and-dried.

What about when you pay for insurance, an auto club, or maybe dues for an association membership, when there’s no actual, physical product coming your way?

How do you judge the value of those transactions?

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Farm Bureau Member Benefits and the Insurance "Problem"

Posted by Brandon Carter on May 15, 2014 5:55:00 AM

There's a restaurant here in Salt Lake that has amazing cheesesteak sandwiches. They're nationally known for them, in fact. The place started out humbly enough, as a small kitchen serving up sandwiches in the back of a pottery gift shop. Eventually word got out about the sandwiches, and within a couple of years the pottery gift shop had to find a new space.

What was supposed to be a nice side benefit for those buying some pottery eventually became the entirety of the business. I'm sure the pottery was nice, but those cheesesteaks were...just...wow.

Right now, Farm Bureaus have millions of members. But many of those folks are unaware of the larger benefits of being a member, outside of insurance policies.

Based on our own informal research, as much as 90% of a Farm Bureau's clientele are there for the insurance. A large percentage of those members are entirely unaware that insurance is merely a benefit of membership with a farm bureau. They don't know about political outreach, education programs, community involvement, and the other myriad activities carried out by a Farm Bureau.

This shouldn't be thought of as a problem, but as an opportunity.

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6 Reasons Discount Programs are Growing Among Farm Bureaus

Posted by Brandon Carter on Jan 20, 2014 11:17:00 PM


Back in the day people joined associations, paid their dues and were content just to assume that the organization was making good use of that money. Of course, those were the days when grandpa walked two miles in the snow to school, barefoot.

And uphill. Both ways.

This isn’t your grandpa’s economy. Associations are still doing the important work they’ve always done, but consumers are increasingly critical of where every dollar is being spent, and what the returns are. The result is a need for associations to enhance and communicate their value very clearly.

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