40 Specific Member Engagement Tactics Any Organization Can Use


In an ideal world, when new members join your organization, they immediately grasp your core purpose and understand your value proposition.

Can you imagine a world where members renew their membership endlessly, referring their friends who become devoted members themselves? It's a place where everyone is filled with joy, dancing, singing, and sharing the sweetness of life. It's a truly awesome experience that we can all dream of.

Then there's now.

In the crazy world out there, people have countless reasons for joining your organization, and if that's not enough, each member has their own multitude of reasons for sticking around or calling it quits.

In the real world, they often throw tantrums, grumble, argue, and most definitely they do not play well with others.

This is the harsh reality: Membership organizations are in a never-ending struggle to stay relevant to their constituents amidst countless other demands, priorities, and distractions.

Thankfully, there's a secret weapon that can smash through most obstacles and maximize your chances of a picture-perfect relationship with your members: member engagement.

An engaged member is one who interacts with your organization often enough and in meaningful enough ways that they find personal value in the relationship.

Creating an environment that encourages interaction requires some serious hustle, a whole lot of effort, and a dash of creativity.  Not to mention a little help from your friends here at Access.

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Engagement doesn't have to be this mysterious concept that leaves you scratching your head. Nope, you can actually measure member engagement and, wait for it, even nurture and grow it. We've been in the business of helping membership organizations boost engagement through member benefits for over 35 years, and we've got a list of our favorite engagement tactics that we've compiled just for you.

Now, some of these tactics are as simple as writing a personal letter to one member every day. And others, well, let's just say they're a little diabolical, like creating a "contract" of promises during onboarding. But hey, desperate times call for desperate measures, right?

We understand that engagement is something you need to prioritize all throughout the member lifecycle. So, to make your life easier, we've divided our ideas into five handy categories: 

Wait - What is Member Engagement, Exactly?

Every idea in our list below has to do with engagement. But what is member engagement, exactly? In the world of membership marketing, it all boils down to attention--specifically how much of your members' attention you are able to command

Ask yourself:

  • How much of a role does your organization play in the lives of your members?
  • And what role do you want them to play in the life of your organization?
  • ilikeyou.gifAre you essential?
  • Are you something they think about often?
  • When renewal time comes, are they wondering what they received in exchange for their dollars?
  • Do they understand your larger goals and how they can help?

Engagement is the magical solution to all of these questions. It's like building a love affair with your members, showering them with value, and capturing their attention often enough to remind them why they can't live without you.

The paths to creating member engagement are as limitless as your imagination. So, let these ideas ignite a spark of inspiration in your mind.

Member Engagement in Onboarding

When new members join a membership, member onboarding takes place in the crucial moments that follow. These moments are when people form their initial impressions and make snap judgments. Within their first few interactions, their decision to join is either validated or discredited in their minds.

An effective onboarding sequence will lead new members straight to your top-notch offerings and most valuable resources. The quicker they can transform from newbies to membership pros, the more their decision to join will be justified.

Let's make sure we solidify a few key elements of ongoing engagement while they're still open to your brilliant ideas and suggestions.

  • Create a Sweet Welcome Kit

New member signups, just like at live events, offer a fantastic opportunity to connect with your newest members. It's a chance to provide them with all the necessary resources for their success. While a simple email confirmation may seem like a minimum effort, it won't have the same positive impact.

Why not go the extra mile and offer a membership perk like a welcome gift? Imagine how great it would be for a new member to receive a branded t-shirt and some other freebies, along with a personal welcome letter. This thoughtful gesture is sure to make them feel valued and appreciated.

  • Introduce a Personal Point of Contact

In a world where everything is digital, finding a personal touch is like spotting a unicorn. Introducing a real-life human being as a single point of contact for new members can have a powerful impact.

This member success advocate will be the go-to person for all organizational communication. They'll have their own special hotline for member questions and their email address will be the star of member communications. It's like having your own personal assistant but without the hefty price tag.

55% of association members felt a connection with their professional organization, despite overall satisfaction rates of 84% ( Community Brands)
  • State an Agreement

Engage with your members by asking them directly what they hope to gain from their membership through member surveys. Take note of their responses and guide them toward achieving their desired outcomes.

the ultimate HR guide to employee burnout

This will not guarantee their renewal, but it significantly increases the chances when they see that their membership has met or even exceeded their expectations.

Additionally, it is important to periodically survey members throughout their membership to stay updated on their evolving needs. By actively seeking feedback and adapting to their changing needs, you can better serve your members and foster long-term engagement.

18% of U.S. consumers confirm that their expectations around brand loyalty have completely changed ( Accenture)  
  • Encourage Usage of your Member Benefits

Some of your members will jump on board for your cause without much coaxing.  They'll achieve a sense of belonging easily, and that's enough to keep them engaged and renewing. But let's face it, not everyone is that easily satisfied. That's where member benefits come into play and can make a world of difference.

Start by introducing a compelling member benefit early on and encourage your members to take advantage of it, especially an everyday perk like a discount program. These amazing programs and lifestyle benefits will help your members save big at local restaurants, shops, and more (places they would have spent their money anyways), and that's sure to keep them coming back for more.

  • Build Social Connections

Your chances of maintaining ongoing engagement are only as good as your lines of communication. Email is valuable but it just isn't enough. You must have multiple connections with members. Encourage them to follow you on Twitter..er uh  "X", Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Reddit, or anywhere else you have a presence.

  • Enable Push Notifications

Of course, downloading your mobile app is the first step in this brilliant plan. But let me tell you a little secret - When users give their permission for push notifications, it's like giving your app a VIP pass to their everyday lives. The chances of your app becoming a regular part of their routine and avoiding the dreaded delete button shoot through the roof.

30% of new mobile apps are deleted within a day of download

Don't be a lurking presence when they open your app or anything that gives off a creepy vibe. Instead, create a fun and informative tutorial for first-time users that guides them through the app and highlights the importance of enabling notifications. You can even sweeten the deal by offering a gift or points as an incentive.

  • Enroll Them in the Online Community

Online communities are like the lifeblood of a membership organization. They bring together all the important factors that create emotional engagement - like digital communication, personal interaction, and connections with peers.

So, whether you have your own online forum or just a simple Slack group, make signing up and introducing others to the community a top priority.

Loyalty Statistics The Ultimate Collection

Member Engagement at Renewal Time

Ideally, renewal periods are like college finals - they're just a formality if you've put in the work throughout the year. And if you haven't noticed, engaging your members regularly makes renewals a breeze. Businesses that prioritize member retention over acquisition naturally find more ways to keep members engaged.

That being said, renewal time is still important for proving your value to skeptical members, strengthening relationships with loyal members, and gaining valuable insights from those who choose not to renew.

Contact Your Cancellations

No matter how hard you try, some members are bound to churn. But fret not! Make an effort to reach out to as many of them as possible and find out why they're leaving. You might not be able to win them back, but at least you'll have the satisfaction of knowing their reasons.

And here's a silver lining - by talking to these departing members, you may uncover weaknesses or gaps in your organization. Even if they don't return, they'll appreciate that you took the time to listen to them, which could make them more likely to refer others or rejoin in the future.

Or possibly a referral source (see below). 

  • Prove their Personal Value

Show your members what they accomplished this year, whether individually or as a team. Your organization is probably doing a ton with and for members - they just may not realize how much or why it's valuable. So, it's time to tell their story!

Don't settle for a dull PDF or an email that will probably be overlooked. Let your creativity flow - take inspiration from the Equipment Leasing and Finance Association's interactive member data dashboard.

  • Offer a Free Membership

An organizational advocate may not be a member. Some of them absolutely adore you, they just can't afford to pay, or they're in a situation where active membership isn't feasible (like someone leaving an industry, for instance).

So, why not create a free membership tier to keep them in the loop? They may not receive all the fancy member perks, and they might have to pay full price to attend your events. But hey, they're valuable enough to have around, engaging with the community, and spreading their love for your organization, even if they're not official members.

Think of it as auditing a college course. The free member may not get the complete experience, but they'll still have a worthwhile and valuable time.

  • Scholarship Program

An educational scholarship is a pretty nifty tool to engage members, but that's not what we're here to chat about. We're talking about a clever way to retain members who mention money as a reason for not renewing.

So, how about offering a scholarship-like deal? They can pay just 50% of the rate for the next year if they complete certain tasks, like writing a blog post about their awesome membership experience or lending a helping hand as a volunteer.

Now, we understand this won't work for every single member, but it could truly benefit the organization when offered to the right ones.

  • Early Renewal Discounts

If you have a whole gang of members on a similar schedule or an organization-wide renewal period, renewal can get pretty crazy. So, why not be proactive and reach out to members a month or two in advance with a sweet deal? Offer them a slightly discounted membership if they hop back on the bandwagon early.

48% of individual membership organizations increased dues over the past year ( Membership Marketing

Another variation of this plan is to have members lock in their current annual rates for as long as they extend their membership. 

  • Create a Referral Program

Members who are referred by a friend or colleague are highly likely to become as engaged as their peer as well stick around longer. 

55% of U.S. consumers express loyalty by recommending the brands and companies they love to family friends ( Accenture)

A referral program may be as simple as identifying your most engaged members and asking them who else they think should join. Add incentives if you like, or even go so far as to have a competition. 

And here's a little secret: even churning members may sometimes offer a referral. Ask them if they know someone who would benefit from being a member as they walk out the door. It's surprisingly effective.

customer engagement learning

Online Member Engagement

Online is where all the magic happens! It's the hotspot for all your daily efforts, especially as our lives become more intertwined with the digital world. So, make sure you're up to date with the most recent email best practices to give yourself that extra edge.

Get ready for some serious fun! Online platforms like social media, forums, blogs, and even email are the perfect avenues to showcase your organization's personality and share the incredible stories of your members. Unlike printed materials or brochures, these digital platforms allow for instant connection and authentic expression.

The key here is to be one-of-a-kind, add a personal touch, and most importantly, have a blast with your online tactics. Just remember to always be prepared to interact and respond promptly to keep the party going!

  • Create an Online Hangout

Quite simply, this is your online coffee shop, or whatever your preferred community gathering place is.

Whether it's an online forum, Slack group, or Facebook group is up to you.

What matters more is you put in the work to direct members to it, then give them content and interaction opportunities to participate in when they're there.

People are 2.4x more likely to say user generated content is most authentic compared to branded content ( Stackla)

Community consultancy FeverBee has a great article on launching (and/or reviving) an online community that has a ton of good tips.

  • Show and Tell 

Engaging your members in friendly banter can uncover some of the incredible things they're doing, whether it's related to your organization or in their personal lives. Capture these moments on video or in a captivating blog post, and then share them with your membership to spread the joy.

  • Tell Member Stories

It doesn't have to be a mind-blowing story like the Show and Tell idea mentioned earlier. Simply choose some members and share their stories - how they joined your organization and what makes them who they are.

These stories don't have to be formal testimonials, just members sharing their own unique member journey, which creates an immediate connection among fellow members and adds a human touch to the organization.

  • Ask Me Anythings

Unleash the power of your members' curiosity by bringing in a bona fide expert or even a celebrity to face their burning questions. Whether you choose to broadcast this exciting session on Facebook Live, TikTok, or YouTube, get ready for an hour of non-stop knowledge-sharing and entertainment.

Identify a shared interest among your members, then recruit an expert who can provide valuable insights on that subject. Sit back and watch as your members soak up the wisdom, all at no cost to them. It's like having their own personal learning experience funded by your organization.

  • Job Board

Job boards are valuable for all types of membership groups, providing members with career opportunities and connections. Offering a job board as a membership benefit helps members advance their careers and make professional connections within the community.

Job boards can generate additional revenue for your organization by charging employers to post job listings. This income can be reinvested into membership programs, and activities, providing more value to your members.

Offering a job board benefits members, creating a valuable resource and increasing engagement. It strengthens the membership community and contributes to the organization's success.

  • Personal Invitations

When you're looking to boost online engagement, it's always helpful to personally connect with your members and give them specific tasks. For instance, if someone in the community has questions about your annual event, reach out to members who have attended previous events. They can provide valuable insights and contribute to the conversation.

As mentioned in the FeverBee article, make it a goal to reach out to 5-10 people each day and ask them to share their thoughts on specific topics or simply drop by and visit the community.

  • Gamify Interaction

You might want to consider partnering with a technology expert like Influitive to create a gamification system that rewards active online members. They could earn points for asking questions or responding to others, which they can then exchange for cool organizational swag or gift cards. Alternatively, they could earn a badge or a special title in the forum to showcase their expertise to the rest of the community. The possibilities are endless, and these rewards programs are proven to be highly popular and motivating.

75% of consumers want to be rewarded for engagement beyond purchase ( HelloWorld)
  • Member-Focused Social Media

Social media outlets these days are like a mixture of members and non-members. You don't want to get too "inside baseball" on these channels because you still need to cater to the larger audience. But hey, why not create some profiles that are 100% dedicated to member needs, news, events, stories, and other exclusive content?

These profiles won't even try to be promotional to the outside world. They'll be all about the members, speaking their language, sharing content they love, and following people they admire. It's like having a secret club for your awesome members!

  • Member Takeover of Social Media Accounts

This is where the real fun begins! It's perfect for those member-specific social media accounts we mentioned earlier. Every now and then, let an enthusiastic member take the reins. Find someone who is engaged and well-connected, and give them the power to share whatever they want. The more personality they bring, the more your followers will love it.

This can be especially awesome for in-person events. Give this member a handful of prizes to hand out, equip them with cameras to capture all the action, and whatever else they need to make them feel like a superstar.

Bonus content can be created by compiling this member's posts into a blog post recapping the event for members who didn't attend.



  • Book of the Month Club

The best part is that it doesn't matter what the online conversation is about, as long as it's happening and it's on your turf. We suggest starting a book club, where you assign a monthly read and discuss it at the end of the month or chapter by chapter.

But hey, if formal discussions about TV shows or sporting events, music, industry trends, or local news get your members talking and inspired, go for it!

The important thing is that they'll build relationships with each other under your umbrella, making it incredibly difficult to leave your organization.

  • Contests and Giveaways

This is the classic and time-tested method that rarely fails. Sometimes, getting a crowd excited requires giving something away, even if it costs you. You can organize fun giveaways that encourage interaction and engagement, like randomly gifting a branded sweatshirt to a lucky member every month or presenting a grand prize to your most active member at the end of the year.

Here's a pro tip: Don't worry about spending your own money on these giveaways. Reach out to vendors in your industry who are eager to reach your member demographic. They might be thrilled to donate items and gain exposure through your organization.

Personal Member Engagement

Let's face it: it's a piece of cake for people to walk away from a faceless organization or business. But when it comes to walking away from a person, that's a whole different story.

The more personal interaction your members have with each other and your organization's leaders, the deeper their emotional engagement becomes. And when that happens, it becomes incredibly difficult for them to disengage.

Now, this section doesn't have as many ideas as the others. Why? Because we're talking about good old-fashioned human courtesy here. We're talking about doing things that you would do for your closest friends and family. It's as simple as shaking hands, saying hello, and touching base to see how things are going.

You see, recognizing your closest friends and holding them dear works wonders in real life. And guess what? It works just as well in the world of memberships too. So go ahead, create an advocacy program, and foster those personal connections. Your members will thank you for it.


  • Create an Advocacy Program

You've got your members, engaged members, and super-engaged members. And then, you've got a champion!

These are the folks who really believe in your organization and become its fearless defenders. They go above and beyond, acting like they're on the payroll and offering invaluable support without expecting anything in return. They'll stand up against any online haters and provide candid feedback to help your organization grow. They're like the superheroes of your brand!

85% of consumers say companies could have recognized & rewarded them for doing business with them ( Accenture

Author Robbie Kellman Baxter refers to these folks as Superusers. These are, perhaps, your most prized asset. Treat them as such by giving them regular gifts, face time with leadership, platforms to share their insights, and more.

  • Engage Employees for a Trickle Down Effect

Customers might ditch a company if they receive a faulty product. But when it comes to lousy service? Oh boy, they'll flee, shrieking to anyone who will listen. However, exceptional service from a warm, welcoming staff can work wonders in mending any wounds.

Organizations that have high (over 50%) employee engagement retain over 80% of their customers ( Demand Metric)

I'm probably not telling you anything new, but it bears repeating: your employees are the secret ingredients to your organization's success. From the big bosses to the newbies on the block, they all need to feel a sense of ownership in creating an amazing member experience. Because if they're not feeling the love, how can they spread it to your members?

So, if you're looking to really knock it out of the park and engage your members, it all starts with engaging your rockstar employees. Get them on board with a shared purpose, and watch the magic happen.

  • Surprise and Delight

Select a lucky member every day and provide them with a delightful surprise to brighten their day. Present them with a care package or a delightful treat, along with one of those heartfelt personal letters we mentioned earlier.

It's a small investment that will fill them with a sense of pride and gratitude towards the organization.

  • Handwritten Letters or Personal Calls

Even though it may seem old-fashioned, handwritten items are like precious gems in today's digital world. The same goes for phone calls that don't come with a hidden sales agenda. People will be pleasantly surprised when someone takes the time to reach out without any ulterior motives, simply to express gratitude for being a member and to see if there's anything else the organization can do to help them.

86% of consumers say loyalty is primarily driven by likability; 83% say trust ( Rare)
  • Remember Names

"Well it's impossible for me to know all our members, we have thousands."

So, get your memory game on and try to remember as many names as you can. It might take some practice, and you might slip up and call people by the wrong name occasionally, but trust me, it's totally worth the effort. As the wise Dale Carnegie once said, a person's name is like music to their ears.

65% of Millennials appreciate staff armed with personalization info (InMoment)

  • Volunteer Opportunities


Let's get the gang together and make a difference! Set up regular volunteer opportunities for your members to join forces and support causes they care about, whether it's sprucing up a park or building a Habitat home.

By spending time together doing good deeds, your members will not only make a positive impact but also form strong bonds with each other. These friendships are like gold for any organization looking to foster engagement and create meaningful connections among its members.

Member Engagement Ideas Good for Anytime, All the Time

  • Add an Everyday Benefit

Professional learning opportunities and certifications can only do so much to keep things interesting. We need something that offers tangible value on a regular basis.

So here's a suggestion: why not consider a white label discount program at local retailers and restaurants? It's a no-brainer! People love using these regularly, saving hundreds of dollars and enjoying positive experiences with your membership organization every single day.

  • Conduct Research Among Members

This is another golden opportunity for professional associations, but it's not limited to just them. Get ready to dive into benchmarking surveys that spill the beans on industry trends and best practices. Then, go ahead and flaunt that valuable information among your membership.

Your members will be thrilled to see where they stand and you'll earn the reputation of being the ultimate authority and trendsetter in your field. Watch your notoriety soar as you become the go-to thought leader in the industry.

  • Send Them on Vacation

People absolutely love to travel. That's why travel benefits are hands down one of the most sought-after perks. When it comes to treating your members to a well-deserved vacation, there are plenty of exciting options to explore.

One popular approach is to offer them exclusive travel discounts. Last year, nearly 1 in 5 travelers expected their travel expenses to be the biggest splurge of the year. And with so much money and emotions invested in travel plans, people are constantly on the lookout for the best deals out there. This presents a fantastic opportunity for your organization to swoop in and be the hero, providing incredible travel discounts with just a click of a button.

Another exciting idea is to hold registration contests or random giveaways for your active members. Imagine the thrill of winning theme park tickets, a luxurious hotel stay, or even a jaw-dropping vacation package. These high-value prizes will surely entice and excite your members, making them feel even more connected to your organization.

  • Constant, Valuable Touchpoints

Frequency, like price, is only a problem if you're not providing value. If your content is top-notch and valuable to members, you could send thirty emails a day if you really wanted to (but please, don't go that far). However, if all you're doing is constantly upselling or asking for more money, then you can expect members to churn or at least unsubscribe from your communications.

But hey, don't be afraid to send regular content if it's valuable. People want to hear about things like news, tips, and member stories from your organization. Just make sure to be respectful and responsible with your communication. And if necessary, don't hesitate to send more than one email a week.

Small businesses that send loyalty members two to three communications per week see three times more customer visits than businesses that do not send any communications ( SpotOn)
  • Share Member Stories with Media

Let's not forget about sharing those member stories! It's not just a great way to inspire and connect with other members, but it's also an opportunity to showcase your organization's awesomeness to the public and your key demographic.

So go ahead, find those extraordinary stories, reach out to relevant media outlets, and even write the story for them. It's a win-win situation! Your organization gets some well-deserved publicity, the member gets a chance to pat themselves on the back, and everyone can feel proud to be part of your amazing organization.

Just remember, make sure you have the member's permission before you go promoting them and ensure that they're willing to talk publicly about their achievements.

  • Partner Discounts

In addition to your everyday association discount program, partner with vendors who serve your audience for special discounts. 

Don't just turn your member list over to them, though. Craft something together that speaks your members' language and isn't disruptive to your regular communications.

  • Partner Causes

More than ever, people care about doing business with good businesses. If you're not supporting causes your members care about, you're missing out.

63%of teenagers are more likely to purchase from brands that support causes or charities that are important to them. ( Marketing Dive

If you're scratching your head and can't decide what to support, just take a closer look at your members. Are they all from a specific area? Do they mostly belong to one gender or profession? If that still doesn't spark any ideas, why not reach out to your most engaged members and ask them directly? They're sure to have some great suggestions!

And if you're already a non-profit, don't be afraid to team up with another like-minded group to promote each other's efforts. It's a win-win situation for both organizations!

  • Paid Targeting

Don't just sit back and hope that your content will magically reach your members. Make sure your important content gets the visibility it deserves by targeting your members through paid channels online. Utilize paid options on platforms lyour members are already going to on a daily basis... like Google, TikTok, Instagram, Snapchat, or Facebook to effectively reach your membership with your most crucial messages.

  • Say Happy Birthday

Go ahead and roll your eyes, but trust me, it really works.

Think about it, how long does it take to write a quick "happy birthday" on someone's Facebook wall? Maybe 10 seconds? And how many emails from brands do you receive on your birthday? Probably around 10, right? Now, some may argue that it's a low-effort gesture and may seem cliché, but for most people, hearing those two simple words holds meaning and brings joy.

So, why not make it a part of your standard onboarding procedure to collect birthdays and emails? It's a small step that can make a big impact in building a personal connection with your members.

  • Allow for Preference Customization

Go ahead and let your members have some fun with their membership! Whether it's choosing how often they want to receive emails or picking their preferred communication channels, giving them the power to customize their experience ensures that you're adapting to their preferences and fitting seamlessly into their lives. It's all about making sure they feel like the VIPs they truly are!

  • Market to Your Members the Same Way You'd Market to Prospects

It's likely your organization already has a pretty slick marketing operation to help you that's all about bringing in new members. But what if we shifted some of that focus to member engagement?

Here's an idea: Create a marketing track that turns your members into enthusiastic advocates and referral machines. Start by dividing your members into distinct segments and then tailor your content to what matters most to each group. Educate and inform these segments with valuable content that gets them excited to take action - like referring a friend, renewing their membership, or even volunteering.

Now, I know this is a little more involved than your typical engagement tactic, but it's worth it. You can actually put many of the ideas we've already discussed to work here. The key is to apply a funnel approach and take the time to define the specific goals you want each membership segment to achieve.

  • Respond to Everything

If you're looking for some low-hanging fruit on this list, this is it.

Make sure every communication that comes from your HQ has a response function. Take the time to read every email reply and follow up on every online comment that contains a question or complaint. Treat each comment as if it were a member coming into your office to lodge a formal complaint.

I know it may sound like a lot of work, but trust me, it's worth it. A customer complaint or comment is a golden opportunity to fix something and create a loyal advocate.

79% of customers would take their business to a competitor within a week of experiencing poor customer service ( 24/7)
  • Organize Competitions and Awards

Why not roll out the red carpet and host your very own awards ceremony?

If you've been checking off most of the items in this article, chances are you're already in the loop about what your members are up to. So why not take the opportunity to celebrate the exceptional ones? Bestow the title of "Member of the Year," establish a prestigious Member Hall of Fame, or even retire their member number in the illustrious rafters of your office. The possibilities are endless!


The point, as it is with most of these, is finding and rewarding your ideal member, and setting them as an example of what other members should aspire to be.

Put Forth a Sustained Effort

These 40 engagement tactics cover a ton of ground, and any organization can totally put them into action to guide each and every member up the ladder of engagement. Sure, they require some effort and maybe even a little cash, but the end result is like striking gold for a membership organization: an engaged, loyal advocate who cares about the organization as much as the Founder and President.

Whether you decide to implement one of these ideas or not, just remember that the effort is totally worth it. Building better member relationships is always a slam dunk.

We've said it many times before, and we'll say it again here: no organization has ever been worse off for trying to be more empathetic to their members' goals.

But it all comes down to this: don't be a quitter! Building momentum takes time and energy, and getting involved requires some serious passion. So don't throw in the towel after a few measly social media posts or a short stint of blogging. Keep pushing forward and improving. Trust me, all your hard work will eventually pay off.

Organizational involvement usually starts off small, but as members begin to recognize the personal value they gain from your organization, they'll start investing more of themselves into it. Some may even step up and become volunteers or board members. Others may not go that far, but they'll still renew their membership every year and occasionally take small steps to help grow and strengthen the organization.

Remember, every member has a part to play. It's all about engaging them and encouraging them to step up and embrace their role.

Good luck, and if you want even more ideas or some help getting started, give us a call!

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