There has never been a more exciting time to be in the customer loyalty business. Every day it feels like some new technology hits the market (especially in the mobile world) or some company is going above and beyond to do something great for their customers.

There are a record 2.65 billion loyalty program memberships in the US, a 26.7% jump from 2010. The average household contains 21.9 loyalty programs, up from 18.4 two years ago. These figures are from the latest Colloquy Loyalty Census, which serves as a snapshot of the industry as a whole and the verticals within.

We previously summarized the Maritz Loyalty Report, which had some great information that mostly pointed toward growing interest in loyalty programs, but waning engagement. Not surprisingly, Colloquy’s findings point in the same direction: there is a consumer hunger for loyalty programs – to be recognized, engaged, rewarded – and a lack of fulfillment by brands in meeting those desires.

Of those 2.65 billion memberships, members are active in less than half of them (44%.) Describing “active” as “members who have engaged at least once in the past 12 months,” Colloquy says this number is growing, but at a slower rate than overall memberships (21% to 26.7%.)


Our colleagues over at Maritz Loyalty Marketing recently unveiled the results their second annual Loyalty Report. The report stems from surveys of 6,000 consumers, with program-level feedback on over 30 national programs across six industry sectors, including Retail Loyalty, Grocery Loyalty, Credit Card Loyalty, Co-Brand Loyalty, Travel, and Hospitality."

Based on their findings, the future is bright for customer loyalty programs. The report notes that the average consumer is a member of 7.4 loyalty programs, but is only active in less than two-thirds of them. 71% are interested in adding more loyalty program memberships, but more than half of the respondents admitted halting participation in at least one program in the past year.

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While I was in college, a popular national sandwich chain opened a location in the student union area. This chain allows customers to earn points on every purchase, and 50 points meant a free footlong. For the impatient, 25 could turn into a cookie, or 40 for a six incher.

Access Development is about to turn 29. During that time we’ve served millions of clients, members and merchants. That longevity is due to our great merchant content, effective marketing, and unique model in which our content is served to members through client groups (as opposed to being to the general public.) Talk to many of our merchants, however, and you’ll get a different perspective on what had made Access a long time success.

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A weekly round-up of noteworthy articles that crossed our desks, from the worlds of loyalty & rewards programs, discount programs, mobile marketing and more.

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To put a nice bow on what has been a great month for Access, here is the official video from the PowerDeals demo at FinovateSpring.