Why You Should Connect with Other Member Engagement and Retention Professionals (and Where to Start)

Consumers are terrifying.

Directly or indirectly, they control the fate of every business. Yet they’re often erratic

They’re prone to love you one minute and hate you the next. Sometimes based on nothing more than a whim, or because a friend of a friend had a less-than-stellar experience and tweeted about it.

And we’re the ones tasked with keeping them excited, engaged, and in the fold.

You shouldn’t go it alone.

Sharing what we’ve learned and what works in customer and member engagement is why we blog. And it works, with hundreds of visits a day and over a thousand subscribers.Loyalty Statistics The Ultimate Collection

Yet much of our success is due to knowledge shared out by other brands. Chances are you originally found us on one of our stats collections - customer loyalty, 2016 customer loyalty, coupons, Millennial loyalty, employee engagement, 2016 employee engagement, and so on.

That’s our content, but the data belongs to companies willing to share out their expertise and learnings.

There should be more opportunities out there for this type of learning and connecting.

That’s why we’ve created a LinkedIn community built for member engagement and retention professionals.

Click here to join the Member Engagement and Retention Professionals LinkedIn Group

Why is the group called “member” engagement and retention?

One, we advocate for each company to view customers as members.

Customers implies people who buy. Members implies people who are in an ongoing relationship.

amazon-prime-MZJzaEcUkCI-unsplashTwo, the number of companies who have an actual subscription/membership model is rapidly expanding.

Netflix, Amazon Prime, Spotify, and Weight Watchers are all obvious examples of subscription models. But think about the “all you can wash” pass at your local car wash, or the Birchbox or Blue Apron box that arrives each month.

The idea is blowing up. Right now there isn’t a lot of talk about how these companies are working to turn subscribers into long-time members.

A LinkedIn community isn’t going to solve all of those issues, but the people within it can solve more problems together than separately.

The rising tide of better member engagement lifts all boats

We all win when companies find their audience and build effective communication and engagement strategies with them.

Think about it: there’s less spam, less companies beating down doors to get the attention of people who may or may not be ideal. People are more willing to listen to what brands have to say because they know there’s a low chance of being jerked around.

The less clutter consumers have to cut through to get to what interests them, the more we all benefit.

So jump in and start connecting with the group. Share your thoughts, your articles, your comments.

The community is brand new and small but growing quickly, which proves there’s a need for this type of conversation.

It proves there’s a need for you. So join up today!

Click here to join the Member Engagement and Retention Professionals LinkedIn Group

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Written by: Brandon Carter

Brandon is a former writer and marketer for Access Development. He's a frequent blogger on customer and employee engagement & loyalty, consumer trends, and branding. Connect with him on LinkedIn or Twitter at @bscarter

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