Employee Engagement = Customer Engagement

Posted by Brandon Carter on Mar 16, 2017 8:01:00 AM

What's the quickest way to lose a customer?

Have a bad product.

What's the quickest way to lose a customer AND their friends/family?

Have bad service.

Or, to place the discussion in broader terms, a bad customer experience.

A subpar customer experience - which includes the user experience with the product as well as their larger interactions with a brand and the company's employees - is something a person will never forget. 

A bad product, on the other hand, can be improved upon with a responsive company. 

Responsive companies are comprised of engaged employees. And in those companies, every employee owns the customer experience.

Whether they interface with customers directly or not, they have an impact on customer retention (and revenue). Employee engagement equals customer engagement and retention.

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“It was Harder Back in My Day!” - Understanding the Circumstances Behind Millennial Workplace Expectations

Posted by Brandon Carter on Dec 9, 2015 12:19:49 PM

“Back in my day we had to walk to work, barefoot, in the snow, uphill! And we were paid in pennies and post-ripe raspberries!”

We’ve all heard the speeches from our forebears about how their struggle to get going in life was far more difficult way back when. They earned the right to brag. Beginning a career and carving a path for yourself has always been a battle.

None of us walked debt-free into an immediate executive position without the aid of inherited wealth or favor. We’ve all fought our tails off to get where we are, and are still fighting to get to where we want to be.

Except the younger generations below us. Those kids have it easy! Right?

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The Incredible Business Benefits of Gratitude

Posted by Brandon Carter on Oct 22, 2015 9:28:00 AM

It’s funny how things always seem to come full circle. We grew up being badgered by our parents to say “please” and “thank you” until eventually it became a habit.

As a kid I vowed I wouldn’t make my own children say it, yet here I am, withholding candy until they say the “magic word.”

Saying thanks in particular is a simple, instinctive gesture for most of us. We don’t usually think about it when we say it, and the recipient may not notice it.

But let’s be honest - we notice when someone doesn’t say it.

Unless we’ve done something significant, it’s not a major deal. Just a bit of an annoyance. But it may make you reconsider helping that person the next time around.

It’s not an ego thing for most of us. We don’t expect praise for everything we do for someone. It’s just a common courtesy.

In business it goes beyond that, however. It's not just the finishing touch on a great experience, but a cultural mindset that pays off in the overall health of an organization, it's employees, and it's customer relationships.member benefits

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The Illusion of Unlimited PTO & What It Means to You

Posted by Brandon Carter on Aug 10, 2015 8:30:00 AM

Much has been made in the last 24 hours about Netflix’s new first year maternal/paternal unlimited leave policy. You can find a dozen articles about why it’s amazing, and a dozen more about why it won’t work.

Both are right. But the whole thing is a bit of an illusion. We’ll come back to that shortly.

Netflix’s stance is bold. It’ll attract more talent to their doors, and it’s sure to increase engagement, particularly among female employees. These flexible policies (Netflix also carries an unlimited vacation policy) are incredibly desirable to Millennials, also.

FMLA dictates each company allot a certain amount of time of for new mothers - a policy. Netflix blows past that requirement, and even expands it to dads and adoptive parents - turning that policy into a benefit. That’s big time.

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Introducing Access Perks, a New Corporate Perk from Access [Product Announcement]

Posted by Brandon Carter on Jun 2, 2015 10:48:04 AM

Did you know Starbucks, probably the biggest coffee brand in the world, spends more on health benefits than coffee beans?

They invest more in their employees than they do in their primary product.

They have a great corporate culture and they compensate fairly. If you asked them, they’d say their employees (and the on-site atmosphere those baristas create) are their primary product.

They’re one of the most beloved brands in the world, and odds are the majority of you reading this have bought a drink from there in the past 24 hours.

What Starbucks has done works very well.

Yet many companies are moving in the opposite direction.

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The Customer Engagement Recap – October 10

Posted by Brandon Carter on Oct 9, 2014 11:06:00 PM


Finish off this week with the news (and news you may have missed) that's going to impact your customers in the coming weeks and months.

In this week's customer engagement recap:

  • Red Bull Has To Give Everyone Free Money Because It Doesn’t ‘Give You Wings’
  • AT&T to refund $80 million in settlement of mobile cramming case
  • How to Help Employees Win in the New Work/Life Era
  • Consumers are Tired of Jerks; Here's Why That Matters to You
  • 80 Percent Of Female Restaurant Workers Say They've Been Harassed By Customers
  • Customers Can Keep The Tip — Which Might Please Restaurant Workers
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