Introducing Access Perks, a New Corporate Perk from Access [Product Announcement]

Did you know Starbucks, probably the biggest coffee brand in the world, spends more on health benefits than coffee beans?

They invest more in their employees than they do in their primary product.

They have a great corporate culture and they compensate fairly. If you asked them, they’d say their employees (and the on-site atmosphere those baristas create) are their primary product.

They’re one of the most beloved brands in the world, and odds are the majority of you reading this have bought a drink from there in the past 24 hours.

What Starbucks has done works very well.

Yet many companies are moving in the opposite direction.

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Your Employees are Your Primary Product

If you’ve been paying attention lately, you know there’s a bad trend happening across American workplaces. Namely, employees just don’t give a crap.

To state it perhaps a bit more elegantly, the vast majority of the workplace is disconnected from what they do and who they serve.

Just 16% are engaged with their employers. 84% of the people in an organization don’t care, or are actively trying to sabotage the organization’s efforts. 83% are seeking employment elsewhere, and 80% say they’re stressed out by work.

(You can see much more data like this on our page of employee engagement stats.)

This lack of devotion and drive isn’t just painful to deal with in terms of turnover cost and morale. It’s a major factor in the lack of customer engagement.

The people paid to care don’t care, so why should customers care? Oftentimes, they don’t.

As it stands, only 34% of companies invest in employee retention.

Introducing Access Perks

accessperks3Access has served employers throughout our 30 years, but we wanted something that could apply to any business, whether they have 50,000 employees or 5.

We wanted to offer a service that would genuinely excite employees without breaking the banks of the employers. We can’t all be Starbucks, after all.

The result: Access Perks is an employee discount program designed to provide the everyday impact that typical benefits can’t. It’s 350,000+ local deals at restaurants and retailers - savings at the places where employees are already spending their dollars.

As a client mentions in our press release, this is the type of program employees can use to save on the daily soda they pick up at the fast food joint next door to the office. They can also save a thousand on their next vacation, not to mention every purchase that falls between a soda and a Cancun hotel.

It’s a benefit that has relevance in any situation, every day. That’s the kind of positive engagement most workplaces could truly benefit from.

This isn’t one of those free “internet marketing disguised as discounts” programs that are becoming popular recently. These are legitimate, personally negotiated offers, and the cost is about the same as a candy bar per employee, per month.

In turn, employees can save hundreds every month. That’s a nice, measurable ROI for corporate perks.

It’s up to each employer to create the right mix of culture and compensation to keep their employees dialed in, but Access Perks can solve part of the problem by investing money back into the pockets of the best product any company has: the employees.

Click here to read the official Access Perks announcement

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Written by: Brandon Carter

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