17 Member Engagement Ideas to Try in 2017

Posted by Brandon Carter on Jan 17, 2017 8:28:00 AM

Last week we made a strong suggestion that companies get rid of all their customers - and replace them with members.

A customer is someone who buys something. A member is someone who belongs to something.

We should all aim to have members, even if we don't have a formal membership structure. Members, in this sense, are customers who have developed a deeper, ongoing relationship with your product or brand.

These relationships don’t happen by accident. Some brands can develop deep cult followings, but not all of us can be Apple or Starbucks.

We can however, borrow specific tactics from membership groups designed to build engagement and long-term loyalty.

Start small. Try any of these 17 engagement tactics used by some of the largest membership organizations in the world.

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7 Tips for Collecting Email Addresses that Every Business Can Implement Today

Posted by Brandon Carter on Feb 23, 2014 11:46:00 PM

You get seemingly 12,000 of them a day. Some of you probably just immediately toss them into the trash, while others carefully pore through each one, looking for useful bits of information. Either way, we all have to contend with them.

Of course we’re talking about emails. Whether it’s a critical action item from a work superior or a suspicious promise of millions from a vagabond African princess, we’re willing to bet every person reading this has opened at least one email today.

There are over 144 billion emails sent each day. 91% of consumers read their email daily, and 66% have made a purchase based off a marketing email. Email is kind of a big deal. You knew that.

But can you get people to opt-in to your list? Specifically, how do you get your own customers and members to give your their email address?

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