Millennial Loyalty Statistics: The Ultimate Collection

Posted by Brandon Carter on Jun 19, 2017 4:00:00 PM

Everyone wants to get in on Millennials and their precious dollars, but how? How do you connect with a group that knows marketing when they see it and shies away from (most of) it? What can be done now to create lifetime loyalty?

To help provide some perspective, we've compiled a gathering of statistics on Gen Y loyalty and brand preferences.

We've focused on US-based research from the past 2-3 years, though there are exceptions. We'll add more as data becomes available, and feel free to tip us off to anything we've missed.

Here's what we know for sure now:

  1. They're heavily influenced by their peers and online networks
  2. The criteria they evaluate brands with is different from other generations, and leans heavily toward price and corporate social responsibility behavior
  3. They expect brands to be open to their voices and exhibit a willingness to change.


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How to be a Brand that Millennials Love

Posted by Brandon Carter on Apr 28, 2015 8:08:00 AM

We write about Millennials often on this blog, and for good reason: they're a giant, well-informed monster of a generation that has proven to be somewhat unpredictable. They're altering the way we brand, the way we sell, the way we work

We specialize in discussions around brand engagement and loyalty. And keeping up with Millennials isn't just important - it's vital to the long term success of any brand.

Of course, that statement begs the question of whether Millennials possess any sort of capacity for a long term relationship with a brand. 

Sure, you can spend a few million to trot out Drake or Kevin Durant for an ad, and get a boatload of sales. But that won't help you much in earning long term admiration. 

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8 Personality-Based Tips to Earn Emotional Loyalty from Millennials

Posted by Brandon Carter on Jun 26, 2014 3:57:00 AM

We’ve talked quite a bit about emotional loyalty and purchasing loyalty, and how emotional loyalty is the pinnacle of the mountain. Which not only means it’s the most desired type of devotion, it means it’s the most difficult to obtain.

The problem is emotional loyalty is largely based on intangibles, or characteristics that are difficult to measure. It’s more about who the brand is versus the service or product. Which means it can’t be engineered, at least not without top-to-bottom organizational customer centricity.

No, you can't force emotional bonds through your product, but you can light candles and set the mood with every other aspect of your business.

Allow us to help with a few suggestions that might help you take your relationship with your customers to the next level.

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